Amazon smartphone may be an AT&T exclusive

The long-awaited Amazon smartphone will reportedly be an AT&T exclusive when it launches tomorrow on June 18. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s first smartphone will join its LTE-enabled Kindle Fire tablets at AT&T. It is unclear how long the exclusive deal will last, but the addition of Amazon’s highly anticipated smartphone to its offerings could give AT&T a much needed boost over other U.S. carriers.

When the iPhone first launched in 2007, AT&T was the only carrier with the extremely popular device. That deal lasted three years and gave the carrier a huge advantage. Of course, now that deal is at an end and the iPhone is available on every major U.S. carrier. If the Amazon smartphone sets the mobile world on fire like the iPhone did back in 2007, AT&T will find itself with a lot of new subscribers.

Amazon’s first smartphone will reportedly feature mid-to-high-end specifications and a special display with 3D effects. If the rumors are true, users will be able to control the phone using gestures, tilts, and swipes instead of physical buttons or the symbols onscreen. The four front-facing cameras feature eye-tracking technology, which creates the 3D effect. The phone will also react to head motions. Several sensors also add the the 3D sensation. In terms of specs, the Amazon phone is expected to have a 4.7-inch, 720p display, and it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor alongside 2GB of RAM.

The price is still unknown, but most potential buyers will only get the phone at the subsidized price with a two-year contract. It’s unclear whether Amazon will sell the smartphone unlocked or if it will truly be limited to customers with an AT&T account.