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To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple debuts over 70 new emojis coming to iOS 12

In honor of “World Emoji Day,” Apple unveiled more than 70 new Apple emojis to use later this year. From different hairstyles to exotic animals, the company shared a first look at what we can expect to see on our keyboards very soon.

While Apple only teased a few designs, the latest additions are based on Unicode Version 11.0 — which includes more than 150 new emojis. This year’s library of images include even more ways for users to express themselves through messaging — with more emotions and personalization.

Among the new list of emoji characters Apple is releasing are new hair options. Those with red hair, curly hair, and gray hair will be happy to know there will soon be an icon for them to send to others. There will also be an emoji for those who are bald.

The options for smiley faces have expanded as well, that should better animate the way you feel. There’s a cold face (complete with icicles) for those days you’re feeling chilly, along with a party face when the balloon or confetti emojis don’t do justice. In addition, there will also be a face with hearts and a pleading face.

Aside from humans and emotions, there’s new animals to choose from as well — including a parrot, lobster, kangaroo, and a peacock. Apple also hasn’t forgotten one of the most important categories of emojis — food. To add to the menu of options already available, users will be able to select emojis of a mango, lettuce, cupcake, moon cake, and more.

Later this year, Apple also plans on releasing additional emojis for sports as well as new symbols, such as a softball, an infinity sign, and a nazar amulet — which protects against the evil eye. There will be new superhero emojis for both males and females as well.

The new icons will be released later this year for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac in a free software update within iOS 12 — Apple’s latest operating system. While the new OS won’t be out until the fall, it’s currently available for download as a public beta for those who want to try it out before it’s released.

Aside from debuting tons of emoji designs on the special day, Apple also took to its leadership board to make a somewhat “minor” (but also funny) change to all of the executive profiles — by replacing each headshot with an executive’s respective Memojis instead. The new feature is part of its Animoji update in iOS 12, which allows iPhone X users to create customized characters of themselves to then send through iMessage.

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