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Protect your phone with the best BlackBerry KeyOne cases

best BlackBerry KeyOne cases
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
The BlackBerry KeyOne may be an Android smartphone manufactured by TCL, but it also sports a traditional QWERTY keyboard, which has been generating excitement among those who continue to long for the tactile sensation afforded by a physical keyboard — check our BlackBerry KeyOne tips and tricks to get the most from it. The original release was so successful that it sparked black and bronze editions. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one, or your new BlackBerry device has just arrived, then you should be thinking about how to safeguard that aluminum body and 4.5-inch screen. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up the best BlackBerry KeyOne cases we’ve found so far, whether you prefer something sleek or stylish.

Ringke Fusion Case ($11)

Ringke Fusion case

This case sports a clear polycarbonate back panel that lets your BlackBerry KeyOne shine through, but there’s protection against drops in the shape of a shock-absorbing TPU bumper. It offers a stylish look that still guarantees military-grade drop protection. You can get a crystal-clear version or go for tints in rose gold or smoke black. You’ll find a raised bezel around the screen and keyboard, slim button covers, and accurate cutouts for the camera and ports.

Seidio Surface Case with Holster ($40)

Seidio Surface with Kickstand Case and Holster Combo

If you’re after a really solid, protective case with some handy extras, then Seidio has you covered. This two-piece case slides onto your BlackBerry KeyOne easily. The shock-absorbent TPU core takes the sting out of falls, and the hard shell polycarbonate exterior deflects scratches. The soft touch coating makes it comfortable in hand, but there’s also a kickstand that enables you to prop the phone in landscape view. To round things off, there’s a handy holster you can attach to your belt.

Amzer Gel Cases ($20)

Amzer Gel cases

Amzer is keeping it simple with these soft gel cases. They’re slim, but they’ll guard against minor falls and knocks. There’s also a lip around the screen to stop it from touching down, accurate cutaways, including extra access for the keyboard at the sides, and button covers. You get two cases in the pack — one matte black, one transparent. They’re not really rugged, but they enhance your grip, so you’re less likely to drop your phone in the first place.

Feitenn PU Leather Wallet Case ($11)

Feitenn PU Leather Wallet Case

Here’s a slim wallet case at a bargain price. It’s obviously not real leather — you’ll have to make to do with polyurethane — but it’s an attractive design that gives you 360-degree protection. A flexible shell holds your BlackBerry snug inside and the magnetic cover can be folded back to act as a landscape stand. There’s a single card slot on the inside of the cover, so it’s not really a full wallet replacement. All the openings you’ll need for camera and ports are present and correct. This one comes in a wide range of colors.

Incipio Octane Pure Case ($30)

Incipio Octane Pure Case

You’ll enjoy decent drop protection with this case from Incipio. The Octane Pure Case combines hard polycarbonate backing that allows the BlackBerry logo to shine through, with a flexible TPU bumper made from Incipio’s impact-resistant Flex2O material. The latter component comes in clear or black varieties, but regardless of which you go with, the fit is perfect. There are also pronounced button covers that are easy to find without looking, as well as cutouts that provide easy access to your phone’s camera and various ports. If you prefer something slimmer, check out Incipio’s NGP cases.

Official BlackBerry KeyOne Smart Flip Case ($58)

Official BlackBerry KeyOne Flip Case

Crafted from genuine leather, this official BlackBerry KeyOne case is stylish and functional. There’s a handy window in the front cover that enables you to see the time and check notifications at a glance. Inside, a minimalist shell hugs your phone, and generous openings provide unfettered access to your phone’s buttons and ports. There’s also a cutout at the top, so you can take calls without removing the case, and a cutout on the back, so you can still use KeyOne’s camera. The Smart Flip Case is expensive, yes, but it should guard against minor bumps. There’s even a soft, inner lining to keep your KeyOne looking good.

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case ($55)

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

Easily the best BlackBerry KeyOne case currently available, Noreve’s luxurious, folio-style, real leather wallet is extremely well made. The soft, padded leather exterior comes in a range of different textures and colors and has a secure magnetic closure. Inside there’s room for a couple of credit cards and a slim plastic shell, which holds your KeyOne snugly and securely. There are generous openings for easy access to ports and controls, and you’ll find a cutout on the back which allows you to use the main camera.

CoverON TPU Bumper Case ($9)

CoverON TPU Bumper Case

With a hard polycarbonate back panel, and a flexible TPU bumper, this affordable, slim case offers some protection without cramping the KeyOne’s style too much. We like the patterned version with the teal bumper, but you can also get a completely clear case, or opt for the clear back with a black or teal bumper section. The button covers can be a little stiff, but there are accurate openings for your camera and ports.

Avidet Soft TPU Case ($9)

Avidet Soft TPU case

If you like the idea of a clear case that showcases BlackBerry’s design, but you prefer soft, malleable cases, then this could be the one for you. It’s a simple, soft TPU case that’s easy to fit. It has precise cutouts for your ports and camera, and pronounced button covers for volume and power. The matte finish adds some grip, and it should guard against minor falls and bumps.

ONX3 Faux Leather Pouch ($5+)

ONX3 Faux Leather Pouch

Maybe you prefer a pouch, or you want something cheap to tide you over until some better BlackBerry KeyOne cases are released? In that case, you might want to opt for one of these fake leather pouches. The interior is soft and velvety and there’s a tab you can pull to slide your phone out easily. It comes with a set of earphones, but we wouldn’t expect much from them at this price. The pouch itself comes in a wide variety of different colors.

Update: We added new KeyOne cases by Ringke, Seidio, Amzer, Feitenn, and Avidet.

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