Don’t live on the edge, get one of the best Galaxy S7 Edge cases

Samsung refined the Edge design with the S7 Edge, making it even more comfortable to hold and far more useful. As gorgeous as it is, that curved display is fragile and very expensive to fix, and the aluminum body is prone to dings and dents if you drop it. The smart move is to shop for the best Galaxy S7 Edge cases and get some protection on there before something bad happens. You’ll also want to check out our Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks for some ideas on how to get more from your phone.

Snakehive Wallet Case ($27)

Snakehive Wallet Case

Leather cases are durable, they age gracefully, and they’re comfortable in hand. With a wallet case, like this one, you also get 360-degree protection, room for a couple of cards and some cash, and a cover that folds back to act as a landscape stand. Snakehive uses quality Nubuck leather and its cases are handmade in Europe. A minimal TPU shell holds your S7 Edge in place and there are openings for access to all ports, buttons, and other functions of your phone. You can get this one in plain navy, black, or brown finishes, but we like the black and brown pictured. Whichever you choose, this case is great quality for the price.

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Gear4 Oxford Case ($50)

Best Galaxy S7 Edge cases - Gear4 Oxford case

With the special D3O material inside, Gear4’s cases can absorb impact shock like no others. This particular S7 Edge case includes a protective shell inside with a D3O frame that keeps your phone safe from bumps and falls. Around that there’s a durable, black, textured cover that’s comfortable to handle. It sports two card slots inside and it can be folded back to act as a landscape stand. There’s a magnetic clasp that keeps it securely closed, cut-outs for the speaker and camera, and button covers for volume and power. Gloss black plastic and a glimpse of orange add a stylish touch to this practical protective case.

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Obliq Slim Meta Case ($16+)

Obliq Slim Meta Case

This is a slim, dual-layer case that combines a tough polycarbonate outer shell with an inner layer of flexible TPU. There are generous openings for the speaker and ports on the bottom edge, and the button covers seem to work well. The manufacturer claims it has been drop tested to MIL-STD 810G 516.6, so it should survive a typical fall from around 4 feet. The top and bottom of the case also extend out to protect the screen. It has a brushed-metal effect on the back and comes in gold, rose gold, silver, or gray. Wireless charging still works with the case on.

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Pelican Protector Case ($5+)

Pelican Protector Case

With a pedigree that stretches back four decades, Pelican knows a lot about making protective cases. This one offers decent drop protection for your S7 Edge and features a plastic shell and some shock-absorbing TPR that will take the sting out of any impact. The tactile button covers are built to last, and there are accurate openings for your phone’s camera and ports. The case also imbues your phone with some additional grip. There’s a protective lip at the top and bottom, but cutaways at the sides ensure you can always take advantage of the curved edges. That said, you may want to pair it with a screen protector for complete peace of mind. It’s also quite thick on the back, so it can interfere with wireless charging.

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Seidio Surface Case ($25+)

Seidio Surface Case

Slot your S7 Edge into this two-piece case for a snug fit. There’s flexible TPU inside the case — and adorning the button covers — with a layer of polycarbonate on top that sports Seidio’s soft-touch finish. It’s also comfortable to hold, gives your phone some added grip, and features precise openings for your phone’s camera and ports. The design is pretty plain except for the star feature, which is a zinc-alloy kickstand that bears the Seidio logo. It’s strong and there’s a magnetic closure to keep it out of the way when you aren’t using it. The case currently comes in black, red and black, or gold and black.

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Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case ($10+)

Rearth Ringke Fusion Air Case

The Fusion Air is slim, lightweight, and offers a thin layer of flexible TPU that’s designed to protect your device from unwanted scratches and chips. These cases don’t provide rugged protection, though, given they’re primarily designed to show off the design of the S7 Edge. The cut-outs are present and correct, there are slim button covers, and you get port covers on the bottom to keep dust and lint out. There’s also a slight texture adorning the back panel, and the case comes in a clear, tinted rose gold, or tinted smoke black build.

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Body Glove Satin Case ($20)

Body Glove Satin Case

The angular design of the Body Glove Satin case includes extra protection in the corners to reinforce your S7 Edge against any potential impacts. The case is made from a durable, gel-like material that also features antimicrobial protection — technology carried over from Body Glove’s wetsuit business. The brushed-aluminum design on the back is pretty eye-catching, especially in purple, and there are some high-gloss highlights and a small logo on the back. You’ll even find openings for your phone’s ports, camera, and buttons, so there’s nothing to obstruct normal usage.

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Carved Traveler Wood Case ($29)

Carved Traveler Wood Case

Beautiful, unique, hand-finished wood is the name of the game at Carved, and the company offers a wide range of different types of wood. You can enjoy the plain wood grain or opt for a case with a colorful printed design. The cases themselves are made of slim, black polycarbonate with a flexible bumper for your S7 Edge. There are cut-outs for the camera, ports, and other functions. Your choice of wood panel is inlaid in the back. These cases are slim, but they’re made with real wood. The cases don’t provide rugged drop protection, however, and you should expect the wood to age.

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Amazon Carved

Spigen Slim Armor Case ($30)

Spigen Slim Armor Case

With a tried and tested combination of flexible TPU and tough polycarbonate, the Spigen Slim Armor scores a military-grade protection rating. Your S7 Edge should survive a typical fall unscathed with this case on, and there’s a raised bezel around the screen that will help keep it safe. The cut-outs are also accurate, so there’s plenty of room for port access and little interference with the camera. The button covers are flush with the frame, but they still work quite well. There’s an extendable, plastic kickstand on the back, but it’s not very sturdy. This is also a pretty smooth case, so don’t expect much in the way of grip.

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Griffin Survivor Journey Case ($12)

Griffin Survivor Journey Case

Despite being fairly thin and light, this case protects your S7 Edge from falls of up to 6.6 feet in height, even if they happen to be on concrete. The case utilizes a blend of polycarbonate and TPU, but this time, the TPU is on the outside, which makes it very comfortable to hold and adds some grip. The button covers are also tactile, so you can easily find them without looking. The openings for your ports and camera are perfectly placed, and the sides dip to ensure you can take full advantage of those edges. It comes in black and gray, or you can opt for the colorful black-with-pink build if you prefer.

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Skinit Pro Case ($35+)

Skinit Pro Case

The Skinit Pro case comes in countless designs, or you can upload your own images or photos and have them printed directly on your case. The actual base case makes use of a hard outer shell and a soft inner one. There’s also a raised bezel to guard the screen, chunky button covers, and accurate openings for the ports and camera. Basic cases start at $35, but it costs a mere $40 to personalize your own.

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Cover-Up WoodBack Explorer Case ($24+)

Cover-Up WoodBack Explorer Case

Here’s another wooden case option for the S7 Edge, one that is available with a wide range of natural wood grain finishes for the back panel. It holds your phone in a black polycarbonate shell that’s slightly flexible and features textured strips on both sides to really enhance your grip. There are very slim button covers and good-sized openings for the ports, camera, and other functions. If you prefer something more minimal, Cover-Up offers the Snap case, which is a much slimmer shell with cutouts for the buttons.

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Noreve Horizontal Wallet Flap Case ($72)

Noreve Horizontal Wallet Flap Case

Classy, padded leather with neat stitching provides all-round protection with this wallet case from Noreve. It opens folio-style to reveal a couple of slots for cards and a thin shell that holds your S7 Edge securely in place. It’s a minimal shell, so it maintains easy access to your buttons and ports, and there’s a good-sized cut-out on the back for the camera. The cover is held in place by a classic stud closure. You can also customize this case with a wide range of different leather finishes and colors, though it may cost you a little more.

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VRS Design Dandy Wallet Case ($20)

VRS Design Dandy Wallet Case

Here’s a folio case with three card slots in the cover and a money pocket. There’s also a magnetic closure that helps keep your belongings secure, which is handy if you intend to stow cards and cash. Your S7 Edge slots into the TPU shell inside, but it’s molded together securely, with a fake leather cover that wraps around the outside. There are also openings for the ports, buttons, and camera on the back. It provides all-round protection, but sadly, it’s thick enough that you may find it interferes with wireless charging, even if you do have one of the best wireless chargers.

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Amazon Mobile Fun

Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case ($49)

Samsung LED View Flip Cover Case

Official cases can be hit and miss, but this one from Samsung is pretty interesting. It’s a folio style with a minimal cradle inside to keep your S7 Edge securely in place. It automatically turns off the screen when you close it, but there are LEDs that can show the time, incoming calls and messages, battery status, and more. It does defeat the purpose of the always-on display feature, but some people will like it. The case itself isn’t real leather, unfortunately, but the fit is perfect and it looks pretty stylish.

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Amazon Samsung

Caseology Envoy Series Case ($17)

Caseology Envoy Series Case

Here’s a good-looking case for your S7 Edge that offers a colored leather or carbon fiber finish on the back. It’s comprised of a flexible, TPU inner shell that absorbs impact shock, and a strong polycarbonate bumper that slots on top. The button covers have a chrome shine to them, but they’re polycarbonate, too. Openings are accurate and provide room for most audio jacks and easy access to features. You should get reasonable drop protection, but this isn’t really a rugged case. Caseology’s wares always look really good for the money, though.

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Incipio Performance Series ($16 – $80)

Incipio Performance

You can choose the precise level of protection you want with the Performance Series from Incipio. There are five different styles available, from a single-layer, slim, Level 1 case all the way up to a fairly chunky, rugged Level 5 case with military-grade drop protection and full 360-degree coverage. The Level 5 also has a handy holster. You can get these cases in classic black or choose from a wide variety of color combinations. The Level 3 case is a folio style case with a front cover. If you’re interested in how Incipio designs, manufactures, and tests its cases, then check out our feature on what goes into making phone cases.

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Amazon Incipio

Ballistic Urbanite Select ($15+)


This slim protective case features Ballistic’s trademark reinforced corners for impact absorption, providing real drop protection at up to six feet. There’s also a raised lip to safeguard that precious screen. What’s new here is the choice of three stylish finishes: dark ash wood, light ash wood, or black buffalo leather. The underlying body and corners are flexible, black plastic and there are well-defined button covers that are easy to find and press without looking.

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Amazon Ballistic

Speck CandyShell Grip ($11+)


One of our favorite case lines, the CandyShell Grip is available for the Galaxy S7 Edge in a variety of colors, but the classic black and white is best. The ribbed pattern is stylish, but it also serves an important function by adding grip, making you less likely to drop your phone in the first place. The dual layer design is enough to deflect damage and absorb impact shock and there’s a raised lip to prevent your screen from hitting the ground. You’ll also find great button covers and generous openings for ports and the camera.

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Otterbox Symmetry Series ($18+)


This blend of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate offers versatile, tough protection for your S7 Edge without blocking access to any of the phone’s functions. It’s easy to fit and there are openings for your ports and camera. There’s a raised beveled edge around the front to safeguard your screen and the button covers are easy to find without looking. You can get this case in plain black or opt for a variety of different two-color combinations.

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Amazon Otterbox

Tech21 Evo Frame ($9)


The design of your gorgeous Galaxy S7 Edge still shines through with the transparent-backed Evo Frame case, but it’s well protected within. Despite the fact that this case is slim and lightweight, the Flexshock technology can handle falls from up to 6.6 feet. There are good cut-outs for the ports, speaker, and camera, and the button covers are well-defined. It’s a fairly understated option with subtle Tech21 logo on the back.

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Amazon Tech21

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case ($16+)

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

This case offers complete protection for your Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s made of a combination of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate, and comes with reinforced corners that offer decent drop protection at a reasonable price. There are also tactile button covers, port covers to keep dust out, and a frame that fits on the front to keep your phone’s display safe. It also comes with a handy holster and belt clip that can rotate 360 degrees. The case is a bit difficult to put on and remove — it can also interfere with wireless charging — but if you want something protective without spending too much, it’s worth a look.

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Urban Armor Gear Composite Case ($24+)

Composite Case

You’ll be surprised how lightweight the UAG case is because it looks heavy and industrial. It’s a solid protective case with additional grip on the sides and skid pads to stop your S7 Edge from sliding around on the dash or table. It meets military drop test standards, with plenty of protection in the corners where you need it most. There are also large button covers that make it especially easy to use your power and volume keys.

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