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Protect your loved One: Our 20 favorite HTC One cases

The HTC One is … one of the best phones on the market, and if there was an Android phone beauty contest, it would definitely walk off with the crown. But how do you make sure it stays pretty? Well, by covering it up, silly. You’ve got to invest in a decent case. The trick is finding something that can protect without ruining those good looks. Below are our favorite cases for HTC’s flagship.

(Before we get started here’s our HTC One review, a few tips and tricks you might find helpful, and some problems and solutions to keep it ticking along.)

Updated on 2-07-2014 by Simon Hill: Added cases from Sena, Diztronic, Noreve, Slickwraps, and Poetic.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch ($23)

You don’t want to cover up a design as stylish as the HTC One, but protection is important. This leather pouch could be the right solution for you. It’s crafted from high quality, real leather and there’s velvet lining inside, making it ideal for protecting your HTC One when you slip it into a bag or pocket.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch
Sena UltraSlim Pouch

Diztronic TPU Case ($10)

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. It’s a plain, matte, flexible case that fits the HTC One perfectly. It’s a slim, lightweight cover, but it will absorb the impact of bumps and drops, and there’s a lip on the front to protect the screen. The cut-outs ensure that you can use your phone uninterrupted; you might find the volume rocker a little harder to press, but on the whole the fit is good. It’s definitely one of your best options in this price bracket. You can get it in black, grey, or glittery pink.

Diztronic TPU Case
Diztronic TPU Case

Noreve HTC One Leather Case ($54)

Designed and hand-crafted in France, Noreve’s cases are made of fine quality real leather and offer a wide range of customization options. You can choose the precise finish, color, and lining that you want, and there’s an option to include an attachment for a belt clip, along with a plastic or metal clip. This case flips open vertically and you can easily access all your ports and buttons. It’s padded and durable for protection, but it doesn’t add much bulk.

Noreve HTC One Leather Case
Noreve HTC One Leather Case

Slickwraps Skins ($20)

If you want to add a little style and some basic protection from scratches then you should take a look at Slickwraps. These are decals that are precision cut to fit the HTC One perfectly. They come in various finishes, including wood (mahogany pictured), metal, leather, carbon, and others. They won’t add any bulk, but they’re not going to offer much protection either, especially from drop damage. Unlike some skins they cover every side and angle of the phone.

Slickwraps Skins
Slickwraps Skins

Poetic Flipbook Case ($15)

This case has a fake leather exterior with a polycarbonate shell inside that you snap the HTC One into. Protection is focused on the corners, so there’s full access to ports and buttons, as well as a cut-out for the camera and flash. The microfiber lining keeps your phone scratch and dust free. You can get this case in white, black, hot pink, or navy blue. It’s not premium quality, but it is practical and it’s pretty cheap.

Poetic Flipbook Case
Poetic Flipbook Case

Belkin Grip Candy Case ($30)

This flexible two-tone case has a distinct, classy look. It’s easy to fit and it will absorb the impact of minor falls and bumps. The sides are designed to provide extra grip and the matte finish is soft to the touch. It has the full range of cut-outs and a lip to protect your screen if the HTC One is placed face down.


Mophie Juice Pack ($100)

The HTC One does not have a removable battery, so if you need more power, you have to charge it or invest in a battery case. Mophie makes our favorite battery cases. This one has a 2,500mAh battery in it, which will double the One’s current battery life. We’re not going to lie to you, it does add bulk and weight, but for a battery case it’s pretty slim.


Trident Kraken AMS Case ($50)

If you plan on torturing your HTC One then you can rest assured it will never talk if it’s encased in Trident’s most protective offering. There’s a silicone inner that can be used as a lightweight case, a polycarbonate shell, and a built-in screen protector. All ports and buttons are covered, there’s a dust filter, military standards for drop protection, vibration, dust, and rain, not to mention a lanyard loop, kickstand, and holster.


HTC Double Dip Flip Case ($40)

This classic red and black folio case is striking. The polycarbonate outer is tough and designed to look like leather, apart from the rubberized corners which should absorb the impact of falls. Inside there’s red microfiber to keep your screen pristine. It can fold to create the perfect viewing angle. There’s also full access to everything because the sides are not covered, and there are cut-outs for the speakers.


UAG Navigator Case ($35)

Urban Armor Gear combines a hard outer shell with a soft core and stunning industrial design. This lightweight case includes tactile button covers, roomy port cut-outs, and promises flare-free photos. It also comes with a screen guard for all round protection. It fits perfectly and it’s rugged and durable, with reinforced corners to safeguard against drops. You can get it in black, blue, or orange as well as the white pictured.


OtterBox Commuter Series Case ($35)

A hard polycarbonate shell with a shock absorbing silicone layer inside is standard protection in a good smartphone case and that’s what you’ll find in the Commuter Series. You can opt for classic black or a two tone color effect. The style is quite angular, with cut outs for the camera and ports, and an OtterBox logo on the back. If you want real rugged protection, the Defender Series might suit you better, but this will be enough for most people.


Body Glove Tactic Brushed ($30)

It’s a classic hard shell exterior with an impact-resistant gel lining, but this case also has gel ribs up each side for easy grip. There’s also a gel design on the back and thick corners for extra impact protection, and to prevent your phone sliding off surfaces. It has a nice matte finish so you won’t end up with a lot of scratches or fingerprints and comes in charcoal and black, slightly brighter white and charcoal, or a screaming pink and silver color combo. We definitely recommend the screaming pink.


Case Mate Barely There Case ($20)

This slim series of cases has proven popular for Case Mate over the years. The idea is to create as low a profile as possible while still offering some basic protection. You’ve got a slim case, available in black, white, or pink, that’s precisely cut so you can fully access your phone without ever having to remove it from the case. It’s slightly malleable, so it will guard against minor drops and prevent scratches to the body. It’s completely plain apart from a small logo at the bottom.


Incipio Feather Shine Case ($30)

It seems a shame to cover something as good looking as the HTC One in a case, especially when it’s garish and rubbery. This Incipio offering is a rare beast, a chic and sleek, snap on case with transparent sides and an aluminum finish on the back. If you want something understated that doesn’t detract from the One’s design then this could be it.


Seidio Surface with Metal Kickstand ($35)

The two piece design makes it easy to slide your HTC One in and out of this case. It’s nice and slim and it has a comfortable to hold soft-touch coating. The main attraction is the magnetic kickstand that flips out from the center of the back and gives you the perfect angle for viewing video. It comes in black, red, purple, and blue block colors, with the silver kickstand bearing the Seidio logo serving as the only real detail.


Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case ($13)

Affordable and simple, you won’t have to spend much to secure one of these Cruzerlite cases. They are one piece TPU with an Android design on the back. You get a host of colors to choose from and all the cut outs you need are present and correct. For basic protection on a budget, you can’t go wrong here.


Ballistic Aspira Series Case ($35)

With a Ballistic case on your HTC One you can afford to relax. They offer typical dual-layer protection with reinforced corners to give shock absorption where it really counts. The case completely surrounds the HTC One and there’s a lip to protect the display if you should lay it face down. Full access to ports is there and buttons are highlighted with colored covers. There are a few different color options, mostly seriously bright, from pink and orange to lime green and black, all with a Ballistic logo down the side.


Speck Candyshell Grip Case ($35)

Improved grip definitely helps to prevent accidents and this Speck case provides a ribbed pattern so your HTC One is easier to grip and less likely to slide off surfaces. It’s the same dual layer system we’re used to, with rubberized button covers, precision cut outs, and a lip to protect the display when laid face down. It looks pretty stylish with four two-tone color options to choose from.


Spigen Illuzion Legend Leather Case ($38)

You’ll enjoy a more classic look if you opt for this genuine leather case in black or white. It is hinged at the top so you can flip it open easily and there’s a flap enclosure, so no magnets were used. Inside there’s a microfiber lining that keeps your HTC One looking as new as the day it was born. It offers an elegant look that’s also comfortable to hold and practical. There’s no stitching so the only detail is a small “S” on the front. It’s one of the classiest cases we’ve covered.


Proporta Leather Case with Aluminum Lining ($40)

Here’s another tough leather option that flips open to reveal your HTC One. It’s actually lined with aluminum allowing it to have a slim form factor and offers an extra level of protection over leather alone. The interior is a cream color with a pinstripe hinge; it’s stitched all around; and there’s a small Proporta logo tag in red. The closure tab is magnetic.

Proporta_Leather_Case_HTC_OneThat’s it for our HTC One cases roundup, but check back because we will update this line up when we discover more worthy entries. If you want to suggest a great HTC One case or share your experience with one of these then please post a comment.

Updated on 11-19-2013 by Simon Hill: Added five new cases.

Article originally published on 6-29-2013.

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