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The best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases and covers

One of the greatest inventions since the iPhone is the battery case. This device allows you to charge your phone on the go — great if you’re always busy and don’t have the time or patience to deal with a dying battery, and even better if you want to avoid being fired for your battery dying mid-Zoom meeting on those work-from-home days.

There are so many options for iPhone 11 Pro battery cases that it can be hard to know where to start. Capacity is important, naturally, but you’ll want to choose something that suits your style, too. Of course, Apple offers its own case, but you can also choose from other manufacturers who have some solid options to keep your phone battery fully juiced. We’ve done the hard work for you and picked some of the best iPhone 11 Pro battery cases available right now.

Snugg Battery Case

Snugg Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Snugg Battery Case is a slim, high-quality hardshell case with dual-layer scratch-guard protection, keeping your iPhone 11 Pro safe on the go. With its 4,800mAh battery, it adds up to 120% of battery life to your phone — that’s around 30 hours of talk time. This case has internal safe chips to prevent overheating or overcharging, for peace of mind, and easy access to all buttons and ports. Sync-through technology makes it easy to sync your iPhone with your laptop, PC, or MacBook, without removing the case — but you’ll need to remember to press the button on the back to start charging. It’s worth noting here that this case isn’t compatible with wireless charging, like some of the others on our list — but you can use it with wired headphones.

QTShine Battery Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The QTShine Battery Case is a sleek, hard polycarbonate shell case with a protective bumper design — but it’s the 6,800mAh battery that’s most likely to impress. Your phone will stay charged all day long, and then some, with this competitively priced case. True, it’s a little heavier than some on our list, and you’ll need to remember to press the button on the back of the case to start charging, but its slim finish doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone 11 Pro’s clean lines. Battery indicator LEDs remind you when it’s time to charge the case, and once your phone’s battery reaches 100%, the case automatically stops charging. It is compatible only with Apple AirPods and other wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Mophie Juice Pack Access Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Mophie’s Juice Pack is one of the most popular battery cases out there — and the Juice Pack Access promises to boost your iPhone 11 Pro battery life by up to 13 hours, thanks to a 2,000mAh battery. With rubber shock absorption and beveled edges, this polycarbonate case offers 360-degree protection from drops and knocks. LED indicators show you how much juice your case has left, and you can choose when to charge your phone — just press the button on the back of the case. This case is also compatible with most wireless chargers and comes in three metallic shades: red, black, and our pick, blush pink, pictured.

Casely Power 2.0 Battery Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Gone are the days when buying a battery case meant forsaking style. Nowadays there are loads of colorful options to choose from, and Casely’s Power 2.0 Case comes in over 40 designs — no mean feat. While many of the designs are floral, we’d opt for this cool dotted tan and black option, which not only looks great but protects your phone from bumps, knocks, and drops thanks to its dual-layer hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU sides. The 1.2mm raised edges add that all-important extra screen and camera protection, while LED battery indicators let you know when it’s time to recharge. This case has a 4,800mAh battery, but you’ll need to remember to push the button on the back to start charging. If we had to pick faults, it doesn’t support wireless charging, but we’re prepared to let that slide for the sake of sporting a colorful, limited-edition case.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for the best battery case for your new iPhone 11 Pro — one that delivers up to 50% longer battery life — check with the original source: Apple. Apple’s Smart Battery Pack is engineered specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro. The protective soft-touch silicone exterior cover combines with a soft microfiber lining to protect your precious handset. A soft elastomer hinge makes it easy to install or remove the case. The Apple battery case has some special features: A dedicated camera button launches the Camera app from a locked or unlocked phone while a quick press shoots a photo and a longer press captures video. The case is compatible with Qi-certified chargers so you can charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously. You can always tell when you need a top up because the case displays the intelligent battery status both on the iPhone lock screen and in the notification center. The case can be charged even faster with a USB-Power Delivery charger, which supports up to 100W with a single cable. It also supports Lightning accessories like EarPods or the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It comes in black, white, or pink sand.

Pelican iPhone 11 Pro Case Protector

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Pelican Case Protector lives up to its name as a heavy-duty TPU, polycarbonate protective case cover that’s tested to survive the military MIL-STD-810G drop standard for up to 10 feet or three meters. The design’s raised lip also protects your screen from drops and surface scratches. Despite all that muscle, the case itself is sleek and provides two layers of protection. An easy mount system integrates with the protective case and is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. A detachable magnetic battery pack provides up to 51% more power by magnetically connecting to the Pelican Protector Case. With Qi-certified support, you get hands-free wireless charging whenever the unit is connected to the mount. An additional USB port allows charging of other non-wireless charging devices.

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case delivers 4,200mAh battery capacity accompanied by a certified lightning chip that ensures 100% compatibility with your iPhone, with iOS 13, Apple Pay, and CarPlay. It supports Qi wireless and wired charging so you can juice up your iPhone and case together without removing the case. Raised bezels and an included tempered glass screen protector offer full front and surface protection. Use your original lightning cable that was included with your iPhone 11 Pro to charge directly and sync or transfer data. It is compatible only with Apple AirPods and Bluetooth headphone accessories.

Newdery iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Newdery iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case  is one of the most versatile on the market. This case’s 4,800mAh battery pack extends its battery life by 100 percent while also guaranteeing that your iPhone 11 Pro will absorb any charge first before refueling the charging case. The Newdery Battery Case features an upgraded port connection, gentle TPU substance, and a thicker bezel to help absorb shock around the edges of your phone. You can wire headphones into this case or connect with your Bluetooth AirPods. Users could place the Newdery Battery Case on a wireless charging pad (sold separately) for a lightning-quick battery recharge. A Qi wireless charging pad will refuel both your phone and case charger simultaneously. This case adds less than a quarter-pound of weight and less than half an inch in thickness for your iPhone. It’s slender and lightweight enough to not make too much of a difference in your pocket as a normal phone. You can also transfer items from your phone to your computer without removing them.

Smiphee Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Check out the Smiphee Battery Case’s 4,800Ah battery to practically double your battery life. Follow the LED indicator on the case to measure exactly how much battery your case typically has left. When the juice runs out, you can plug the iPhone 11 Pro and battery case into the same universal charging cord to recharge simultaneously. Simply leave the battery case on and use the switch to power the pack on or off. The battery case supports the phone’s headphones, so you don’t have to worry about removing the case just to listen to music. The Smiphee Battery Case has a single-body design made of a soft, stretchy material. It provides top-notch protection from general shock, scratches, and fingerprints. One downside for this device: it’s not compatible with Quick Charge adapters, Qi Wireless Chargers, and car chargers.

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