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The best iPhone 6S cases and covers

If you’re still the proud owner of an iPhone 6S — the last of its breed complete with a headphone jack — your old case may be a little green around the gills. Like all smartphones, the 6S is delicate and even though it’s old, you’ll want to preserve its casing and glass for continued use either by you or perhaps a new owner. There are still plenty of 6S cases to be had, and we’ve rounded up the best of them to give you a hand with your selection. Oh, and by the way, if you’re still rocking an iPhone 6, these same cases will fit that model too.

If you’re still rocking the iPhone 6S, then your phone is certainly getting on a bit. If your phone is starting to creak, maybe consider upgrading? We have a list of the best iPhones you can buy, or if you fancy a change, the best Android phones you can buy as well.

Speck CandyShell Grip Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s almost guaranteed that, with Speck’s CandyShell Grip Case, you will never drop your iPhone ever again. The rubber strips, in contrasting hues, provide a nonslip grip that’s almost magnetic. Beyond that, the case is military-grade drop-tested so that even if your phone manages to find its way to a concrete sidewalk, it shouldn’t suffer any damage. The patented design has two layers of protection in a single-body construction. The soft interior has reinforced corners to absorb shock while the raised bezel protects the glass from bumps and impact. A rubberized cover shields the volume and power buttons. This case is an absolute joy.

J.west iPhone 6S Case Vintage Floral

iPhone 6S & iPhone 6 Case Vintage Floral" width="1200" height="800" />
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Sometimes it’s time to bust out the sunflowers. With the J.west iPhone Vintage Floral case, you will never lose your iPhone anywhere or have anyone confuse it with their phone. But don’t let the fun pattern fool you. This vivid case with its glossy finish is constructed with flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and In-Mould-Decoration (IMD) tech. The cutout design accommodates the speaker, screen, camera, and ports, providing easy access to all controls. Raised front and camera lips protect the delicate camera and glass from bumps and scratches.

Otterbox Defender

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Perhaps the biggest name in personal phone protection, few case lists would feel right without the presence of at least one of Otterbox’s cases. If you’re taking your iPhone 6S somewhere hazardous, the Otterbox Defender is what you need. The Defender offers complete protection thanks to a tough polycarbonate shell paired with a grippy slipcover on the outside. A built-in screen protector keeps the front of your phone safe, while the optional holster works as a belt clip and a horizontal kickstand. If you’re looking for a negative point, the style could certainly be better. But if you’re not put off by the bland look, the Otterbox Defender is the complete package.

Caseable Hard Case

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Choose your own photo or design and have it printed on this hard case made of recycled water bottles. These cases function as slim shells, with cut-outs for accessing your phone’s many features. There’s a soft pad inside to help protect your iPhone, too, but it’s too minimal to provide rugged protection. The host of customization options are the real attraction, along with the bevy of stock options, many of which were developed in partnership with talented artists.

Twelve South SurfacePad Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This stylish leather cover feels luxurious. It’s a typical folio-style with a couple of slots in the cover to hold credit cards or ID. You can also fold it back to act as a landscape stand. Your iPhone 6S is completely accessible because, unusually, there’s no shell inside. You fit the iPhone onto an adhesive backing, and there’s a cut-out corner on the back to leave the camera open. It’s a slim, light case, and it will guard against scratches, but we wouldn’t rely on it for drop protection. You can choose from six different colors.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Spigen has always been one of our first ports of call for phone protection, and the Ultra Hybrid is a great choice if you’re looking for a clear case that’s also extremely protective. Made from a combination of shock-absorbent TPU and hard polycarbonate, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is built to resist the knocks and bumps of daily life, and a raised bezel ensures your phone’s display and camera lens doesn’t rest on surfaces and risk scratches. It’s completely clear, so you can show off your Apple style, and it’s well priced to boot. A great everyday case.

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you favor a leather wallet-style case then this French-designed beauty should be on your radar. The hand-crafted case is finished with high-quality leather, and you can choose the texture and color you want. It opens like a book and there are two credit card slots with a larger pocket hidden behind within the cover. A small kickstand pops out of the back for propping your iPhone 6S in landscape view, and there’s also a secure magnetic closure, so the case won’t pop open uninvited. The iPhone rests inside within a small cradle, one outfitted with large cut-outs that give you access to your phone’s ports, buttons, and camera.

MagBak Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s another iPhone 6S case with a magnetic touch, pre-dating the new iPhone MagSafe by several years. The MagBak, as the name suggests, has a magnetic strip inside it, and it ships with two MagSticks — small magnetic strips with adhesive backs that you can stick on the car dash or the kitchen tile for mounting your iPhone. The case itself comes in four different colors, feels malleable and soft to the touch, and has a black microfiber lining inside. There are cut-outs for the ports, switch, and camera, and subtle button covers. It’s very slim, so it may not provide much drop protection, but the magnetic docks are potentially very handy.

Griffin Survivor Clear Case

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Strong protection doesn’t have to blot out your iPhone’s style, and the Griffin Survivor Clear is a strong example of that. A completely clear back means you can see your iPhone as if the case wasn’t there, while the smoke black bumper protects your iPhone from bumps and drops, and helps you keep your grip thanks to the nonslip coating. It’s slim, but that doesn’t detract from the protection, as it’s proof against drops of up to six feet. A remarkable case at a great price.

Smartish PureView Clear Case

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Smartish’s PureView has a slim bumper with an internal tread that promises to absorb shock. It has a clear back to allow Apple’s iPhone 6S design to shine through. The button covers are quite large, and there are big openings for the ports and camera. It looks quite good for such a cheap case and should provide basic protection. You can pick it up in gold, black, transparent frost, or grey. It’s easy to customize this case by slipping a picture into the clear back section — there’s even a template provided so you can trim the picture for a perfect fit. You also get a screen protector in the box.

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