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The best iPhone 7 screen protectors to keep your display in one piece

Apple iPhone 7
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
So you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7, the smaller version of Apple’s latest iPhone. Unless you’re deeply attached to your current smartphone case and screen protector, you’re probably in the market for some new accessories. Ideally, you want this phone to last until your next upgrade, so how do you keep it intact for the next year or two? After all, cases are only part of the story. The touchscreen is what you’ll be interacting with the most, and it needs a good screen protector to keep it safe.

Below are several iPhone 7 screen protectors we’ve taken a liking to, each of which will shield your display from debris, ensure it’s visible in sunlight, and maintain its image quality for some time to come.

The Best

Moshi iVisor AG ($20)


The iVisor AG protector will completely cover the display of your iPhone 7, and is made to fit the curved edges of the phone. As the name implies, it’s anti-glare, meaning you’ll be able to easily view the screen while outside in direct sunlight, instead of having to shield the phone with your hand. Scratch-resistance, smudge resistance, and bubble free installation complete the tempting capabilities of this screen protector, but its best characteristic has to be the fact that you can take it off, wash it, and reuse it.

The Rest

Tech21 Impact Shield ($20+)


The Impact Shield may not cover the entire front of your phone, but it covers enough to make it a useful accessory regardless. Its biggest feature, aside from impact protection and anti-glare, is that it can slowly heal relatively small scratches over time, eventually returning to the pristine, clear screen protector you initially bought. If you’re prone to scratching up your display after putting it in a pocket alongside your keys, Tech21’s protector will ensure your screen’s safety.


Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector ($6)


Tech Armor’s screen protector provides your iPhone 7 with everything you want it to, such as defense against scratches, drops, and dust, but it forgoes anti-glare in favor of a crisp, clear, HD screen that doesn’t diminish the phone’s resolution. It also only covers the flat surface of the phone, a decision Tech Armor says was made in order to reduce the amount of bubbles that appear during application. If that particular design point doesn’t matter much to you, then you can buy this with confidence, as it will get the job done just as well as any other screen protector on this list.

intelliArmor intelliGlass HD Screen Protector ($8+)


Unappealing smudges and fingerprints will cease to be an issue after the installation of this screen protector from intelliArmor. In addition to being able to withstand and prevent dents and scratches, it’s also incredibly clear, keeping the iPhone display looking as beautiful as ever, and maintaining touchscreen functionality and accuracy. The intelliGlass is 30 percent smaller than other protectors the company has made previously, so it should be even harder to notice it’s there after it has been applied to the phone. Combined with the right case, you may forget it’s there entirely.

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Screen Protector ($8)


Beyond self healing and perfect touchscreen accuracy and sensitivity, IQ Shield’s screen protector will also prevent yellowing, meaning the way your display and protector look on day one will persist for the days to come, provided no unfortunate events befall the pair of products. The front of your iPhone 7 will be completely shielded, as the design takes the curved edges into account. Everything else about IQ Shield’s offering is standard fare, save for the installation method, which involves what IQ calls the “wet-install method.” This entails using a spray solution and squeegee to apply, and smooth out, the protective film. Don’t worry about messing up your screen, though, as neither the solution or the protector leave residue behind.

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