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The best iPhone X battery cases for 2022

The iPhone X kickstarted a major redesign of Apple’s iPhone range, and that design is still broadly kicking about in the iPhone 12 — even if Apple has made some changes to the formula. But even though the iPhone X still looks good, that doesn’t mean the hardware from 2017 isn’t starting to creak a little. While the high-end processor is likely to be doing fine, your battery may be starting to give.

If that’s the case for you, and your battery is struggling to make ends meet, you could replace your battery. Or, if you’d rather not have someone open your beloved phone, maybe invest in a battery case. These “power-full” cases do add some thickness to your sleek device, but they’re an excellent way to provide extra juice on the go. Here are some of the best iPhone X battery cases still available today.

Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case — 2,000mAh

Mophie’s Juice Pack cases are the gold standard where battery cases are concerned, so we’re delighted it’s still offering the Juice Pack Access for the iPhone X. It doesn’t come with the largest capacity, offering just 2,000mAh — but that’s still enough to boost your battery life significantly. What you lose in extra battery power, you gain in a slimmer profile and an extremely high-quality build, so it’s a great choice if you’d rather have a slimmer case that’ll make sure you make it through the day.

The rear-mounted LED lights show how much battery you have left, and charging is as easy as clicking the power button. It’s made from tough polycarbonate, which means it’s also pretty protective. It used to be one of the more expensive options out there, but the iPhone X’s age means you can now get this at a serious discount, meaning this is probably the battery case to buy if you need a solid daily option.

Never Run Out Battery Case — 6,000mAh

A strong option with a large capacity, Never Run Out’s battery case is pretty close to living up to its brand name, with a massive 6,00mAh cell that’s sure to boost your iPhone X’s battery many times over. The case is made from a rigid polycarbonate, which should protect your phone against scratches and minor bumps. Uniquely, for this list, it has a kickstand on the back as well — which means you can use your extra battery to watch movies and videos in comfort on long trips. With a price that’s not to be sneezed at, this is a solid choice for the traveler who needs a battery case that won’t quit.

$19 from Amazon

Casely Geo Rose Gold Marble Power Case — 4,100mAh

Protective cases can also be used to add a new style to your phone’s design, and that’s absolutely true for Casely’s Power 2.0 battery cases. This case has Casely’s mind-bending Geo design in rose gold with a marble effect, and it’s a stunning piece of work. It’s fully headphone jack compatible (so you can plug your Lightning headphones in through the case), and it charges on your Lightning cable and supports wireless charging. It’s solid and protective, and while it’s quite expensive, the 4,100mAh battery is pretty huge, and the style speaks for itself. Not a fan of the design we’ve picked? Check out Casely’s full collection and choose one more to your liking.

Punkjuice Waterproof Battery Case — 3,600mAh

Waterproof cases are still relatively uncommon, and waterproof battery cases are almost non-existent — so we were surprised to find this waterproof battery case from PunkCases. According to the company, it’s the ultimate battery case. PunkCases claims the case is waterproof, dirt-proof, drop-proof, and snow-proof. It’s not the most fashionable case, since it adds a bit of a chin around the bottom of your phone and increases the bezel around the edge. However, it will add a significant amount of protection, 3,600mAh of additional battery, which is indicated by the four lights on the back. However, this is certainly not a budget-friendly case as you’ll have to pay significantly more for its unique features.

$90 from Punkcases

Feob Battery Case — 6,500mAh

This case offers the best bang for your buck by offering a whopping 6,500mAh battery supply at a price that should fit most budgets. 6,500mAh is a lot of extra battery, and one charge should be enough to keep you going on a long ride or a trip outdoors until you’re able to charge up again. A battery with this capacity does create a bulky look for your device, and it’s going to take up a lot more space as a result. However, it doesn’t add the large chin you’ll find on some other battery cases, which is a small bonus. LEDs indicate your battery levels, and it has full passthrough support, so you can sync your iPhone with a computer while wearing the case.

$35 from Walmart

Alpatronix BXX Qi-Enabled Battery Case — 4,200mAh

This is an excellent choice for a utilitarian battery case. The wireless charging-enabled Alpatronix case has a subtle exterior but packs a massive battery capacity punch. This device is programmed to charge your phone first and battery pack second, so you can still use your wireless charger reliably. The 4,200mAh-rated battery is expected to support about 12 hours of talk time, and the design protects your phone against drops. There are a few downsides to keep in mind: the case charges by Micro USB connection, and while you can still connect to your PC with that, that means no Lightning cable headphones. We disagree with the manufacturer’s claim that the case is delicate and understated as it sports a rather hulking lower edge. That said, this device is reliable and will keep your smartphone protected. And the icing on the cake is that it comes with a free iPhone X tempered glass screen protector too.

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