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Protect your curvy companion with these 10 LG G Flex cases

Flexible displays and curvy form factors are here to stay. Our LG G Flex review explains why it’s a recommended product for us. The gimmicks extend beyond that curved OLED screen. You may feel, with its bendability and automatic scratch repair that the LG G Flex doesn’t need a case, but you’d be wrong. Sure, it has a bit of give, and it can repair itself from small scratches, but drop it onto concrete and you’ll see just how breakable it is. And if you think that scratch repairing will save you, we managed to accidentally cut through it with a key. Cases are still good, even for a curved phone.

It’s time to check out our picks for the best LG G Flex cases.

LG QuickWindow Case ($60)

LG QuickWindow Case
LG QuickWindow Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Official cases are always expensive and this flip cover is no exception, but you might struggle to find another case that fits this well and offers the viewing window. You can see the clock, weather, and music controls, as well as incoming messages or calls, without having to open it. The plastic cradle protects the corners of the phone and that cover will prevent scratches, but overall it’s still a very slim option. The flocked, mock metal pattern gives it a little something extra.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case ($45)

OtterBox Commuter Series Case
OtterBox Commuter Series Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s not unusual for OtterBox to drag its heels releasing cases for new smartphones, especially when the design is as unique as the LG G Flex, so we’re glad to see this on the market already. It combines a hard shell with a grippy, malleable inner. Extras include port covers to stop dust finding a way into your ports, and a screen protector. It fits like a well-tailored suit and we think the glacier option (pictured) is the most stylish on offer, but you can opt for papaya or black if you feel otherwise.

Case Mate Folio ($40)

Case Mate Folio
Case Mate Folio Image used with permission by copyright holder

This folio case in pink or black covers your G Flex front and back. The cut-outs are all precise and the cover can be folded into a stand position for landscape viewing.  The soft microsuede material will safeguard your phone from scratches, but if drop damage is your main concern, you might want to choose something else. The Case Mate Pop is a more conventional case with a kickstand that covers the corners and sides where falls typically leave their mark.

Incipio DualPro Shine ($35)

Incipio DualPro Shine
Incipio DualPro Shine Image used with permission by copyright holder

With double layer protection and a sexy brushed aluminum finish, this is Incipio’s top of the line case for the LG G Flex. It’s a typical, tried and tested mix of silicone inner and hard plastic shell outer. Incipio has trademarked the name Plextonium for the hard shell, it’s much like any other polycarbonate outer, but it does achieve the brushed aluminum look. This case strikes a nice balance. It’s light and slim, but pretty tough too.

Luvvitt Clearview Hybrid Slim Case ($7)

Luvvitt Clearview Hybrid Slim Case
Luvvitt Clearview Hybrid Slim Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Things don’t get much more minimalist than this. It’s a completely see-through cover for your LG G Flex that combines a polycarbonate hard panel on the back with flexible TPU edges to give you the benefit of both in a single piece case. The cut-outs are where they should be. It’ll offer some basic protection, and it certainly won’t break the bank. It’s not going to look so great if the back panel picks up scratches, but at this price it doesn’t have to last forever.

Body Glove Satin Case ($25)

Body Glove Satin Case
Body Glove Satin Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

This case slips on easily and offers decent protection in a flexible format. It’s made of TPU with a special anti-microbial coating that stops bacteria from building up. The fit is good, you’ve got full access to the buttons and ports, and it feels pretty durable. The classic black is jazzed up a little with a kind of brushed aluminum pattern on the back and a few high gloss highlights, including the logo. It definitely enhances grip and it’s not too bulky, although it inevitably detracts from that curve a little.

Fosmon Hybo-SK Case ($3)

Fosmon HYBO-SK Case
Fosmon HYBO-SK Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

An unremarkable mix of TPU and polycarbonate makes this translucent case in two tone pink or blue, with a wave pattern. The black version definitely looks best, but this is no beauty queen. What it is, is very, very cheap. It even has a little fold-out kickstand on the back and the edges have got ridged sections for added grip.

Eagle Cell Hybrid Case ($3)

Eagle Cell Hybrid Case
Eagle Cell Hybrid Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s another option for super tight budgets and it has a kickstand, too. This case is pretty thick, but all the cut-outs are there and the kickstand can be used for portrait or landscape view. It comes in black with corners and highlights in a choice of red, purple, blue, white, or pink. It’s not a great case, but it’s really cheap and it might just do the trick until you spot something you like better.

Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case ($35)

Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case
Tech 21 Impact Mesh Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

This smoky translucent case is lined with Tech 21’s unique D30 impact material which absorbs shock. It’s actually almost liquid in its usual state, but impact locks the molecules together and stops damage getting through. That’s the theory anyway. It looks much like any other plastic case. It does feel nice to hold and the cut-outs are lined up correctly.

Lucrin Leather Pouch ($46)

Lucrin Leather Pouch
Lucrin Leather Pouch Image used with permission by copyright holder

A basic leather pouch could be ideal if you just want something to protect your LG G Flex when you put it away in your pocket or bag. The basic pouches start at $46 and you can choose from 30 colors and various styles of leather. You can even customize the stitching and get a monogram embossed on it if you want to.

That’s it for LG G Flex cases and covers for now, but we’ll update this piece from time to time. Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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