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Keep your shiny bezel-less phone safe with the best LG G6 cases and covers

The LG G6 is a big, powerful phone, but its fragile frame spells trouble should you ever lose your grip. Drop this phone, and there’s a serious risk of cracks, scratches, and other kinds of unsightly damage. The smart play is to opt for some protection, whether it be a polycarbonate frame or a folio-style case. Just pick one of the best LG G6 cases we’ve listed below, and you won’t have to worry about the inevitable accidents to come. And don’t forget to round your protection off with our selection of the best LG G6 screen protectors as well.

Incipio Cool Blossom Design Series Case ($35)

Incipio Cool Blossom Design Series Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re bored by matte plastic and drab design, then you might fancy one of these Incipio cases for your LG G6. It’s a translucent case with a tough back panel that features a pretty, blossom print. The bumper is flexible to take the sting out of falls and bumps. You’ll find ample openings for access to ports and camera, and slim button covers. This case is part of Incipio’s Design Series of fashion-forward cases, which feature a range of different patterns and prints.


Supcase Rugged Holster Case ($17)

Supcase Rugged Holster Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sometimes the toughest protection can be expensive, but Supcase offers a rugged case with a holster at a reasonable price. This G6 case is ideal if you want complete coverage, because it has a front panel with a built-in screen protector that clips onto the dual-layer shell. The industrial sheet metal aesthetic is actually made of polycarbonate and TPU. The sides are textured to improve grip, but even if it does slip from your grasp, your LG G6 should be safe.

Tech21 Evo Check Case ($13+)

Tech21 Evo Check Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Despite being slim, this case offers great drop protection. It will keep your LG G6 safe from falls from up to 10 feet. It’s a translucent case with a check pattern and a darker, chunky bumper section that absorbs impact shock. The openings are accurate, so it’s easy to plug into ports and use the camera or fingerprint sensor. It comes with different color tints, so you can get it with a clear, rose, or blue back and white bumper, or a grey back with a black bumper.

J&D Wallet Case ($12)

J&D Wallet Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You don’t have to spend much to get an eye-catching wallet case for your LG G6 unless you want real leather. This one is made from polyurethane and it opens to reveal three card slots. There’s a slim, TPU shell to hold your phone in place and you can fold it back to prop your phone in landscape view. There are cut-outs to enable you to use your phone with the case on, but using the flash is going to cause problems because they’re quite tight. This case also has a magnetic closure and a detachable strap. If you don’t like the cupcake design, there are others to choose from including plain black, red, brown.

Diztronic TPU Case ($10)

Diztronic TPU Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Seeking simplicity? This cheap, matte, TPU case is as plain as they come. The textured finish adds grip and won’t show up smudges or fingerprints. The cut-outs offer easy access to all the ports and functions, and there are chunky button covers for the volume controls. You’ll find this malleable case is easy to fit and there’s a slight lip around the screen to protect it. The only real detail is a subtle Diztronic logo on the side. If the red is too garish for you, don’t worry – it comes in black, navy, and teal as well.

Ringke Fusion Case ($10)

Ringke Fusion Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The G6 is beautiful to behold, so why cover it up? The Ringke Fusion is a nice option for protection, one that doesn’t sacrifice the G6’s innate style. The back panel is made of hard, crystal-clear polycarbonate, and it’s ably supported by a flexible TPU bumper. The fit is good, with a protective bezel around the screen, accurate openings, and port covers to keep dust and debris out. You can currently get a translucent version, or opt for a tinted bumper.

UAG Ice Case ($40)

UAG Ice Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for dependable, rugged drop protection with a slightly futuristic look, then UAG has you covered. This G6 case is actually lighter than it looks, but it doesn’t skimp on protection. Every angle of your device is covered, and there’s a raised lip around the screen and special pads on the back to keep your phone from touching down or slipping around. The cut-outs for your phone’s ports, fingerprint sensor, and camera are also generous, and there’s a cover for the volume rocker. If you prefer, you can opt for a translucent, plastic shell with a darker tint.

Hansmare Calf Wallet Case ($22)

Hansmare Calf Wallet Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The soft, leather exterior of this wallet case is eye-catching and comfortable to hold. Open it up and you’ll find a trio of card slots and a larger money pocket on the back. There’s also a clear, plastic shell that holds your G6 firmly in place, while offering easy access to your phone’s ports, buttons, and controls. The interior leather and closure showcase a lighter, contrasting shade of pink, which is less noticeable if you opt for the blue or black variants.

VRS Design High Pro Shield Series Case ($21)

VRS Design High Pro Shield Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This LG G6 case has a shock-absorbent, brushed black TPU shell with a smooth bumper, which is available in a choice of five colors. The bumper fits snugly on top and extends a little around the screen to reduce the chance of scratches. It’s thick enough to guard against drop damage from small falls. There are accurate cut-outs for the fingerprint sensor, camera, and ports. The bumper has well-defined button covers for the volume keys.

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($16)

Spigen Tough Armor Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s no doubt that this chunky LG G6 case adds some bulk, but that’s the price of drop protection you can trust. The malleable TPU is designed to take the sting out of any impact, and it’s encased in a virtually unbreakable layer of polycarbonate. The cut-outs are all present and correct for uninterrupted access to ports, the fingerprint sensor, and the camera. There’s a protective bezel around the screen and chunky button covers for the volume controls. The bonus is a fold out kickstand, which is ideal for propping the G6 up in landscape mode and watching a movie.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Caseology Parallax Series Case ($14)

Caseology Parallax Series Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s another solid, dual-layer case that combines an eye-catching, textured TPU shell with a tough, smooth, polycarbonate bumper. Sloped, recessed openings provide easy access to the fingerprint sensor on the back, and ensure that the case doesn’t interfere with the camera. There are chunky, rounded button covers for the volume keys. Reinforced corners guard against drop damage, and there’s a lip around the screen to keep it from touching down on any surfaces.

Poetic Karbon Shield ($8)

lg g6 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Poetic Karbon case is one of the newest members of the Poetic Cases family, and it feels like it is barely there. If you don’t like thick cases on your phone, but you still want some good protection, then the Karbon Shield should make your short list. The fit and finish are excellent, and the case feels like it is painted on the phone when you put it on. It may look like a tough case, but when you take it out of the package, you will be surprised how soft it is. Although it fits tightly, the soft shell means it’s also very easy to take off and put on your phone. The raised textures give it a very secure grip, and the Carbon Fiber texture provides a great, modern look.

Presidio Grip ($45)

lg g6 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for a nice, grippy case that looks good, isn’t too thick, and gives you a drop rating of up to 10 feet, then the Presidio Grip from Speck is the case for you. This case has built quite a good reputation, and if you are prone to dropping your phones, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many that do it better than this case. It is built from a special material called Impactium, which not only protects the device itself but also keeps the buttons nice and responsive, even though they’re covered. One of the best things is that Speck backs up this case with a lifetime warranty.

OtterBox Defender ($53)

lg g6 cases
There are few case manufacturers that have built a reputation for rugged cases like Otterbox. This case offers you built-in screen protection to prevent scratches and nicks. The case has three layers: the inner polycarbonate shell, the outer cover, and the screen protector. In addition, all the ports are covered to keep out dust, dirt, and other debris. Otterbox cases go through more than 24 tests, and over 200 hours of testing, so when it comes to extra protection, this case literally has you covered.

Ghostek Atomic 3 Series Waterproof Case ($60)

lg g6 cases
This case is pricey, but it’s one of the most complex cases included in this list. It offers complete 360-degree protection for your LG G6. There’s a strong aluminum alloy frame, and it is flanked by raised rubber bumpers on all four corners. The rear is scratch-resistant, and the front has a rubber frame with screen protection. The case doubles down on the camera, adding extra protection for the dual cameras and flash. The USB-C port is also covered. To top it all off, the case is dust-resistant and tested to withstand being submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The case comes with Ghostek‘s global lifetime warranty, and it comes in black, gold, pink, red, silver, and teal.

Zizo Bolt Series Tough Case ($16+)

zizo best lg g6 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you need even more protection, then check out Zizo‘s range of tough cases. The Bolt series is of particular interest, coming with an interesting rugged look, and a dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate design that’s certified by military drop tests of up to 12 feet. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a free Lightning Shield screen protector to keep your display protected from scratches and dirt. The Zizo Bolt also incorporates a kickstand for media consumption, and it even comes with a removable clip that you can use to attach your G6 to your belt.

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case ($11)

olixar best lg g6 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you just want a simple wallet case to keep your LG G6 protected while lending a stylish and executive air, then you could do a lot worse than Olixar‘s leather-style wallet case. Made from a leather-style polyurethane material, this case is durable and easy to clean, thanks to the wipe-clean material. The inside is made from a TPU silicone that wraps around your phone, keeping it safe. Interior pockets have room for several credit cards or travel tickets, and the front cover folds around the front when not in use, protecting the screen. It can also be folded around the back of the phone, or turned into a media-viewing stand. This is a great little case for keeping your phone protected on the move, with little fuss.

Obliq Flex Pro Case ($22)

obliq best lg g6 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The most important reason for buying a case is to add protection to a valuable and relatively fragile device. The real trick is finding one that balances style and protection without adding too much bulk. Your personal preferences will always play a strong role in deciding which case you like, but we think that lots of people will like what Obliq has created with the Flex Pro. Soft TPU adds shock-absorbance to your device, and has been tested to MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military-grade protection. The outside of the case is also styled as to add as much extra grip as possible, and the case itself is slim, adding very little to the G6. Finally, it looks pretty cool — a mix of futuristic military and business chic.

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