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Seven great cases to keep your Moto G4 Play intact

Lenovo Moto G4 Play
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
Motorola changed up the design of the Moto G4 for the Moto G4 Play by making it smaller and more compact. Gone is the former’s 5.5-inch display, in favor of a solid 5-inch variant, and the camera area on the back is slightly smaller. Due to these design differences, you can’t take a Moto G4 case and apply it to the newer phone. Moto G4 Play owners need a new case to keep their phone protected and pristine without affecting the features. Here are the best Moto G4 Play cases we’ve found so far that meet the requirements.

Innovaa Dual Armor Bumper Case ($9)

Innovaa Dual Armor Bumper Case

Polycarbonate and a soft silicone are used to make this case that aims to add protection in all the right places without adding unnecessary bulk. Like many other cases, it offers perfect cut-outs for all ports, speakers, and the camera, as well as raised edges to keep the screen from any surface when the phone is face down. Combined with the included screen protector, your display should be fine. A unique feature of this particular case concerns its interior, which has a textured pattern for shock absorption that should also help with venting, in order to keep the phone from overheating. If you use your Moto G4 Play a lot, especially while charging, a case that promotes venting could be incredibly useful.

CoverON Shadow Armor Case ($10)

CoverON Shadow Armor Case

If you want to be prepared for the inevitable moment that you drop your phone, CoverON’s Shadow armor case is the way to go. The outer piece of the case is made using tough, durable materials, while the interior is softer and more flexible, making it easier to put on and take off. With this case being as slim and non intrusive as it is, flexibility is much appreciated. CoverON’s case is meant to protect your device as much as possible, but it doesn’t neglect the appeal of a modern design. This design includes a kickstand built into the back, giving you an easier way to watch videos or simply keep the phone’s display away from the table it’s resting on.

Cimo Matte Protective Cover ($8)


Cimo’s case is perfect for those than want a simple, smooth-feeling case that doesn’t have a lot going on and won’t draw a lot of attention. It’s a single, flexible piece that features raised edges and cut-outs and button covers for everything you need access to. The back is specifically designed to provide more grip, so you can worry slightly less about potentially dropping your phone.

Incipio Octane Case ($25)


The Octane case is another case for the Moto G4 Play that adds defense without adding size, and is flexible enough to make it easy for those that are constantly applying and removing their cases. It also comprises two separate components, with the soft outer bumper featuring a pattern that makes the sides of the phone easier to grip. Buttons are completely covered while the case is on and are fully accessible and functional, but can be a little hard to see due to the color of the case. If you’re used to the feel of your phone, the buttons being hard to see shouldn’t be an issue.

Oeago Defender Protective Case ($6+)


You get everything you could hope for with Oeago’s case. From cut-outs, to shock absorption, to button covers, and extra grip on the back — everything’s here. It does a lot for your Moto G4 Play for a relatively low price. This case is slightly bulkier than others on this list, but the bulk can be a benefit this time, as it will keep the ports, camera, and speakers far away from anything the case impacts. It’ll take a very precise fall to do real damage to a specific part of the phone.

Zizo Bolt Case ($15+)

Zizo Bolt Case

Style, protection, and another way to carry your phone around are what Zizo’s case has to offer. It has shock absorption, impact dispersion and extra grip, as well as smudge resistance and anti-shattering thanks to the included screen protector. Zizo made this case feel and look great, with each individual part complementing the design and function of the others; the phone holster has the same pattern as the case for better handling, and the kickstand (which locks in place) can function even while attached to the holster. The holster’s belt clip can be rotated 360 degrees to suit your preference, and it holds the phone by snapping it into place, but it can also be easily removed with a small tug.

Sparin Clear Case ($8)


For basic protection that doesn’t cover up the design of your phone, Sparin’s clear case is what you want. It’s designed specifically for the Moto G4 Play, so be prepared for a snug fit. Its slim and lightweight characteristics will made it hard for those around you to even notice the case. The clear case is made to withstand constant removal and application, but there should be no need to take it off, since everything you need is accessible while the case is on. Sparin provides two cases for the price of one. If something happen to the first, you have the second to replace it. If something happens to both, they’re backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can get a replacement and go back to enjoying your phone as soon as possible.

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