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The five best Razer Phone cases to keep your phone looking sharp

best razer phone cases
The Razer Phone is a multimedia marvel, with a 120Hz display, a massive 8GB of RAM, and the Snapdragon 835 powering the latest games, movies, and music. But those impressive innards won’t help if you drop it onto solid concrete. You can either risk the world taking away your techno-baby, or you can wrap it up in one of the best Razer Phone cases around.

Olixar Clear TPU Case ($8)

olixar best razer phone cases

We always like to start our roundups with a clear TPU case. Because what’s the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a device you can’t see? This case from Olixar is made of a flexible and durable TPU material that’s fully clear so you can see the unique design of your phone — as well as the Razer logo on the back. It won’t provide the most protection against drops, but the soft TPU will absorb some force, and it will help to stop scratches, dirt, and other potential hazards from reaching your device. This is decent protection that doesn’t obscure your view, at a great price.

Abacus24-7 Slim Fit Case ($9)

abacus best razer phone cases

If you really value the “naked phone” experience, but are still worried about protection, then you might be interested in this super-slim case from Abacus24-7. It’s very thin, adding barely any additional bulk to the phone, and the TPU adds extra grip as well, helping to keep your phone safely in your hand. While the thin nature of the device won’t cushion the phone too much from falls, it’ll still help against minor bumps and scratches, and a raised lip also protects the screen from touching surfaces. It comes in an understated black color, and the slim profile allows room for all the buttons and ports to peek through.

Orzly PU Leather Wallet Case ($10)

orzly best razer phone cases

All these normal cases leaving something to be desired on the style front? A good wallet case is timeless, and this case from Orzly is exactly that. The Razer Phone might not scream “executive” or “boardroom” normally, but it will once it’s clad in this protective PU leather case. The case’s cover protects the display when not in use, and can be flipped behind the phone to act as a stand when needed — especially important with a phone as media-savvy as the Razer Phone. It’s easy to maintain and keep clean, thanks to the PU leather, and the card slots on the inside cover can serve double-time as a wallet when needed. This is a great case that transforms your phone into a sleek and executive device, while keeping its strong media focus.

Tudia Heavy Duty Dual Layer Case ($13)

tudia best razer phone cases

If you’re looking for a case with a little more armor, then a dual layer case is a great compromise between protection and size. Made from a combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate, the inner core of TPU absorbs shocks and impacts, while the outer PC shell protects against more direct damage. The TPU also helps to aid grip, while a raised lip around the edges elevates your camera and display from dirt and grit when you lay your Razer Phone down. You’re generally paying a bit more than you would for a simple TPU case, but the added protection will be worth it for many users.

Razer Rugged Case ($40)

razer official best razer phone cases

Of course, we can’t forget about Razer’s own offerings. Razer has released a bunch of different cases, but we like this rugged one the most. Made from a combination of hard and soft materials like other dual layer cases, this case does bring its own particular spin on that formula. The outside of the case is made from a blend of hard PC and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which gives usually rigid PC more shock absorbency than usual. That’s not all — the inner lining is made from TPU, to further cushion your device against shocks and drops. It’s pricier than most on this list, but if you want Razer’s own vision for its device, look no further.

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