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Keep your new Sony XZ Premium protected with these great cases

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
To paraphrase Spider-Man’s uncle Ben: With great screens come great responsibilities. Sony’s upcoming XZ Premium, unveiled earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, certainly has a great screen. The diamond-cut, 4K, HDR display will wow you — but with a screen this nice, you’ve got to protect it at any cost. Curved screens are great to look at, but one bad bounce on a staircase or a cement sidewalk could render that beautiful piece of technology forever fractured.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of the best cases available for the XZ Premium, so you’ll be able to enjoy the screen’s voluminous beauty without worry. Slip on one of these bad boys and ride in style from day one.

SunRemex Rugged Armor ($8)

For less than $10, the SunRemex Rugged Armor case provides the type of protection you need. Built from shock-proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate, this case is equipped with a kickstand so you can enjoy the Premium’s gorgeous display in landscape mode, while the rounded corners defend the phone’s most fragile regions from harm. Plus, the unique grip design prevents any slippage and provides fingerprint protection to boot.

Roxfit Premium Book Case ($15)

Roxfit Premium Book Case Sony XZ Premium

Roxfit’s Premium Book Case combines style with strength to create one sleek package. The brushed metal fiber PU front flap and scratch-resistant rear shell are engineered to keep your new phone safe from drops and dings, and the ultra-soft inner lining promises to keep your screen looking good as new. The inner flap even has a credit card slot, so you can leave your wallet or purse behind while on the go.

TopAce Leather Flip Cover ($9)

TopAce Leather Flip Cover Sony XZ Premium

If you’re looking for a case that’s compact, attractive, and classy, look no further — with TopAce’s Leather Flip Cover, you’ll be stylin’ and profilin’ and keepin’ your XZ Premium protected. The leather and polyurethane shell keeps your phone safe inside and out, with a soft, comfortable interior liner that feels great and includes an easy-access slot for your credit card. It’s even available in four different colors! What’s not to like?

Vigeer Crystal Clear TPU Case ($8)

Vigeer Crystal Clear TPU Case Sony XZ Premium

What’s the point of buying a sexy new Sony smartphone, only to hide it behind several layers of rubber and plastic? With Vigeer’s Crystal Clear case, your new phone’s natural beauty will be on full display, fully visible through the clear, shock-absorbent TPU shell. The case is scratch-resistant and built to allow easy access to each button and port, and the interior’s unique dotted texture prevents air buildup.

Armor-X Shockproof Case ($20)

Armor-X shockproof case Sony XZ Premium

For maximum utility, few companies can compete with Armor-X’s Shockproof Case, which boasts a unique, integrated X-mount adapter, which is magnetic and compatible with the full line of Armor-X mount technologies. Keep your phone handy on your bike, arm, or holster with the included belt clip and carabiner, or combine it with an X-mount attachment to affix the phone to a helmet, bag, or tripod, among other things. Not to mention, the case does a great job of protecting your phone in all scenarios.

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