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The best wireless travel keyboards for phones and tablets

While it’s unlikely to be your first choice, your humble smartphone can work if you need to quickly set up a writing or work station in a cafe or on the train. With smartphone display sizes almost reaching an almighty 7 inches — the same size as a small tablet of yesteryear — it’s clear they have the room to accommodate a decent writing app, and with specs rivaling laptops, they have the power, too. But what they don’t have is an easy-to-use keyboard. On-screen keyboards are good, and even QWERTY phones have their dedicated users, but if you really want to get some typing done well and fast, you need a separate keyboard.

But you can’t just drag a full-sized keyboard around with you on the off chance you’ll get a chance to do some typing. What you need is a portable, wireless keyboard that doesn’t take up too much room and is always ready to go. So whether you’re typing up a screenplay or the next New York Times bestseller, or you just need to get some work done, here are the best wireless travel keyboards for smartphones.

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Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech is an accessory king, and that’s why the K480 keyboard is at the top of our list. It’s slim, lightweight, and very portable, but the star feature here is the adaptable triple-device switch. Pair your keyboard with up to three devices, and you can quickly swap between them with the handy switch. This makes it the keyboard to beat if you’re looking to use your keyboard on a number of phones or tablets. A long channel at the top offers a stand for your device, and Logitech boasts a two-year battery life. On the minus side, it doesn’t roll or fold, which makes it harder to justify if you’re going to be traveling a lot. But even with that in mind, this is an excellent device.

Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

The folding keyboard is a mainstay for travel, and while they tend to lose the stable feeling you get from a rigid keyboard, the additional portability is often worth it. This keyboard from Jelly Comb is one of the best examples of a folding keyboard we’ve seen, largely because it takes advantage of the build to add a highly-useful touchpad. It’s made from aluminum, so it should stay safe in your bag, and the built-in rechargeable battery has a claimed 560-hour battery life. Unfortunately, the touchpad doesn’t work with iOS devices, and there’s no stand for your device, but this is still a great choice.

Zagg Pocket Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Zagg’s Pocket provides a great all-in-one option for those who want a foldable keyboard with a stand. Folding into a 9-inch-long rectangle, the Zagg Pocket keyboard can easily be stowed into a bag when not in use, and the folds of hard plastic help to keep the more vulnerable parts safe. Magnets help to keep it closed and turn it off, and when it’s open, the stand is large enough to accommodate anything from a smartphone to a large tablet. Zagg claims a lifespan of two years between charges, but expect that to be shorter if you use it a lot, and best of all, it comes at a fairly reasonable price.

Anker Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Simple, sleek, and effective — three words that describe Anker’s slim keyboard very well. Sure, it doesn’t fold like some of the keyboards on this list, it doesn’t swap between multiple devices, and it doesn’t have a built-in stand, but there’s a certain honesty to Anker’s keyboard. It’s a keyboard, and that’s what it does. It’s well-priced and has a three-month battery life (with an estimated two hours of use per day, so your mileage may vary), making this a great simple keyboard for anyone who isn’t fussed by folding or other extra features.

Sungwoo Rollable Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard

There was a short period of time when rolling keyboards were all the rage, but that moment has sadly passed. Thankfully, it’s left us with the Sungwoo rolling keyboard. Unroll this keyboard, and you’re treated to a full keyboard experience, including a number pad — which isn’t something we’re used to on travel keyboards. The keys are whisper-quiet, and the silicone build means it’s dust-proof and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for adventurers or just those caught out in the rain. Sure, you won’t get the clack you’re used to, but this is certainly a passable keyboard that you can roll up and take away with you.

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