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Own an Xperia Z2 Tablet? Our Top 10 cases and covers

Water holds no fear for the intrepid Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, but that super-slim chassis and the 10.1-inch display are not built to take punishment. Without a case you run the risk that your tablet is going to get bent out of shape, or pick up scratches and dents. Of all the Xperia Z2 Tablet problems you could encounter, this one is the easiest to avoid. It’s time to go shopping and take your pick from the best Xperia Z2 Tablet cases around.

Sony Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand BKC50 ($150)

Sony Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand BKC50
Sony Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand BKC50 Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is an ideal option for anyone looking to convert the Xperia Z2 Tablet into a wee laptop for easy typing. It combines a lightweight cover that doubles up as a stand with a Bluetooth keyboard. You can pair it using one-touch NFC, and it is easy to remove the keyboard or the tablet from the case. It looks very slim and stylish and carries the Sony branding, but it is very expensive and it’s not going to offer a great deal in the way of protection. Sony already announced this case, but not officially released as of the time of writing, so we’re not 100 percent sure on the price.

Incipio Watson Wallet ($50)

Incipio Watson Wallet
Incipio Watson Wallet Image used with permission by copyright holder

You’re basically getting two options with this case. There’s a very slim, snap-on, plastic case for basic lightweight protection and it can be slotted into a folio jacket in fake leather with stitching around the border and an elastic closure. The cover also folds back to act as a landscape stand and there are three slots inside for credit cards or ID. It has the usual micro suede lining and it supports automatic sleep/wake.

Sony Style Cover Stand SCR12 ($70)

Sony Style Cover Stand SCR12
Sony Style Cover Stand SCR12 Image used with permission by copyright holder

You certainly can’t accuse Sony of being shy when it comes to pricing. If you can stomach the price tag then this case is perfectly fitted and it looks really good. You can snag it in black or white, the cover doubles up as a multi-position stand, and it has precision cut-outs. It fits into the dock without having to remove the case, and the cover has a magnetic closure that puts the tablet to sleep when you close it and brings it to life on opening.

Zenus Toscana Diary Case ($50)

Zenus Toscana Diary Case
Zenus Toscana Diary Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

This is a pretty classy-looking folio case available in three colors. The synthetic leather is convincing and there’s soft polyurethane on the inside, too. It has cut-outs for all the ports and features and it supports the automatic sleep/wake function. You can fold the cover back to act as a landscape stand. The tablet sits in a frame with the fake leather surround and it’s very easy to slide in and out when you need to.

Supcase Folio Hard Shell Case ($15)

Supcase Folio Hard Shell Case
Supcase Folio Hard Shell Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s a typical cheap, folio case with a hard plastic cradle for the Xperia Z2 Tablet and a folio cover with a microfiber lining that opens and folds back to work as a dual position stand. The closure is magnetic and supports the automatic sleep/wake function. You’ll find that all cut-outs, including the camera, are present and correct. As the price would suggest this is a fake leather case and we wouldn’t rely on the hard shell to guard against drop damage.

Exact Keyboard Case ($25)

Exact Keyboard Case
Exact Keyboard Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

You don’t need to break the bank to lay your hands on a Bluetooth keyboard and case, but you’ll have to accept a drop in quality. This case is fake leather and your Xperia Z2 Tablet slides into it. The kickstand on the back allows you to prop it open in the laptop position. The keyboard is small and it doesn’t offer the greatest typing experience, but it pairs easily and works well enough. The keyboard is held in place by magnets, so it’s easy to remove if you want to.

Poetic Slimline Case ($15)

Poetic Slimline Case
Poetic Slimline Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Folio cases are common and Poetic’s offering is similar to the Supcase. The fit is very good, so there’s no problem using your tablet with the case on, although it doesn’t work with the magnetic charging. It’s another polycarbonate shell that fits a tablet inside it. The fake leather, polyurethane cover can be folded back for a landscape typing position or a viewing position. The closure is magnetic and it works with the automatic sleep/wake function.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($18)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case
Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pick from 11 colors for this simple, slightly translucent TPU shell with a circuit design and the Android mascot on the back. TPU is a good material for a case, it’s malleable and it can absorb shock, so the case is easy to fit and should provide some protection from bumps. It has all the cut-outs you need and a lip on the front to protect the screen if it lands face down.

Noreve Leather Case ($100)

Noreve Leather Case
Noreve Leather Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you really want to match the class and premium style of the Xperia Z2 Tablet then consider a chic, real leather case from Saint-Tropez in France. Handcrafted in premium leather, these padded cases feel comfortable to handle and they look great. There’s a cradle to hold the tablet and you can prop it up in landscape view in a couple of different positions. The soft interior is embossed and the closure is secure without the need for a clasp or magnets. There’s a wide choice of colors and finishes available.

Roxfit Book Case ($50)

Roxfit Book Case
Roxfit Book Case Image used with permission by copyright holder

This folio case is very slim and it has a carbon fiber finish in black, white, or red. One of the reasons that it’s so slim is because there’s no cradle or shell inside; the Xperia Z2 Tablet is attached with a gel fixing. The rubberized inside cover allows you to prop the tablet at any angle in landscape and there’s a fold over magnetic closure which also supports the sleep/wake function. It’s a good-looking lightweight cover for slinging the tablet in your bag, but it won’t give you drop protection.

That’s it for Xperia Z2 Tablet cases and covers for now, but there are many more on the way. Post any recommendations you may have in the comments.

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