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I’ve worn an Oura Ring for years, and you should grab this Black Friday deal

A person wearing the Oura Ring 3rd generation Horizon and Heritage model.
Oura Ring Horizon (left) and Oura Ring Heritage Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Oura Ring is the health and fitness tracker I’ve worn the most, and despite being frustrated by the subscription package you have to keep up, I’m still going to say you should snap one up in this Black Friday sale. Right now, there’s between $30 and $100 off each Oura Ring style, depending on the finish and design you choose.

If you simply want the cheapest Oura Ring, the sleek, smooth Horizon model is down to $319 from $349, and the Heritage model with its plateau design is now $269 down from $299. Any reduction in price is always welcome, and because there’s no difference in functionality between the two models, it means you can safely buy the cheaper $269 Heritage Oura Ring and not worry that you’re missing out. If anything, I prefer the Heritage’s flattened top section to the smooth Horizon, as it gives the ring some character.

A person holding the Oura Ring 3rd generation Horizon model.
Oura Ring Horizon Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The lowest price applies to the silver or black finish for both designs. The silver version looks amazing in person and is actually a little more subtle than the black version, but it can show a few small scratches. The polished black has proven to be the most durable Oura Ring finish I’ve worn long-term. If you want a bigger discount on the Oura Ring, you have to dig down into the different finishes available for both.

Both ring designs are available in Stealth and gold. I haven’t seen the gold version in person but did find the Stealth finish chipped and marked over my time when I wore the 2nd generation version. If you do decide to get the Horizon model, you also get the choice of a Brushed Titanium or Rose Gold finish, and these have been reduced by greater amounts. The Brushed Titanium is $399 from $449, and the Rose Gold is now $449 down from $549.

A person holding the Oura Ring 3rd generation Heritage model.
Oura Ring Heritage Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Unfortunately, the price you pay for the Oura Ring is not the final price, as it also comes with a $6 per month subscription fee attached. This provides access to the app and all its data, and if you don’t pay at all the information provided is sparse and uninformative. I don’t like subscription plans for fitness products, but at least the Oura Ring’s app is very well-designed, and packed with helpful, interesting, and actionable data. I may not like the additional cost, but you are getting a brilliant app experience for your money.

I’ve worn an Oura Ring for almost two-and-a-half years now, far longer than any other piece of wearable tech, and a lot of this comes down to it being so unobtrusive and easy to live with. It’s on my finger so I can wear it with a watch of any type, the battery lasts a week, but put it on the charger while you’re in the shower and you never have to worry about charging it fully at all. The sleep tracking is superb, the data provided is accurate and informative, and there’s just about enough fitness tracking ability to satisfy the casual exerciser. I’ve become very used to wearing it and checking the data every day, something that doesn’t happen with many wearables.

Subscription aside, the Oura Ring is a brilliant piece of wearable technology that I can’t imagine not having on my finger, and I highly recommend getting one in the Black Friday sale if you can. The Oura Ring offers are available through Oura’s online store and apply until November 27.

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