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Donate to charity while chatting with a celebrity with new app Chatter

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If talking to Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t enough to raise your blood pressure, maybe the thought of donating to charity will do it for you. Whether you’re titillated by good actions or good looks, Chatter just might be the new social media app for you. Making its debut on Thursday, this app promises to “make the dreams of many come true” by allowing users to chat directly with some of their favorite stars and most popular celebrities. From Leo to Drake to models like Amanda Cerny and Nina Adgal, the stars seem on board to contribute not only to your fangirl or boy dreams, but to great causes as well.

Chatter claims to connect fans directly to these stars via a one-on-one video chat, while simultaneously raising money for charity. Already, more than 30 actors, singers, and influencers have signed on to not only reach their fan bases in a new, creative way, but also draw attention to some of their favorite non-profits.

These charities are in turn able to boost their own social media presence and reach a wider audience, making it a potential win-win-win type of situation.

“No other mobile app on the market is able to benefit and touch the lives of such a broad spectrum of people — it is the ultimate social giving network,” said Chatter co-founder Pasha King. “This innovative technology breaks down the invisible barriers that currently exist between celebrities and their fans, giving users the experience of a lifetime, whilst more importantly enabling people to donate to charity and help those less fortunate than themselves,” added co-founder, Teague Egan.

So how does it work? For the chance to speak to a celebrity, fans are asked to purchase a $5 raffle ticket. A random winner is granted a one-on-one video chat within the app. And if you want to up your chances of being the lucky chosen one, you can bid in an auction-style format, raising more money for charity, and improving the likelihood of being able to ask Pharrell what the best part of being famous really is.

And to ensure that celebrities are incentivized to raise money for their respective organizations, Chatter has a “Celebrity Leaderboard” in the app to track which star is most successful in soliciting funds.

“Stars are the most competitive people on the planet, so it will be fun to see the competition heat up,” Pasha said.

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