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Does the Samsung Galaxy A54 have a headphone jack?

The Samsung Galaxy A54 is Samsung’s budget flagship that’s a solid pick for anyone looking to get the best the company has to offer without breaking the bank. Every time a new smartphone like the Galaxy A54 launches, it can feel like questions about the phone’s technical specs take up the majority of the conversation. The hardware features are equally as important since they’re the things that prospective buyers will be physically interacting with when using the phone.

When it comes to frequently asked hardware questions, questions about 3.5mm headphone jacks are usually the ones asked most often. Although much of the world has moved on to relying primarily on wireless headphones, there are still those who use wired headphones as their main way of consuming audio content. Most major flagships have dropped headphone jacks entirely, but there’s a devoted group of budget devices that still feature them for headphone users who prefer wired connections. Here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy A54’s audio options and if it has a headphone jack.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 doesn’t have a headphone jack

The top edge of the Galaxy A54.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

In short: No, the Samsung Galaxy A54 doesn’t feature a headphone jack. Like many current smartphones, the only port it has is a USB-C charging port on its bottom edge. Recently, Samsung has started greatly restricting which of its devices get headphone jacks. In terms of its flagship models, the Galaxy S20 was the first to drop the port entirely in 2020, and we’ve been seeing fewer and fewer Samsung smartphones with them ever since — including the most recent Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

If you’re looking for a current Galaxy device that does have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the Galaxy A14 is another budget phone that does feature the audio input. Obviously, that’s less than ideal for wired headphone users who are eyeing or have recently purchased the Galaxy A54, but there are a few different options for listening to audio content on the phone.

Other audio listening options on the Galaxy A54

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

The easiest way to listen to audio on the Galaxy A54 is with wireless headphones. While they can certainly be more pricy than wired options, there are still plenty of wireless headphones and wireless earbuds that are similarly priced to wired options.

For people who are still using wired headphones, you can still use them with the Galaxy A54 through a 3.5mm to USB-C dongle adaptor. Unfortunately, dongles like these aren’t the most convenient way to use wired headphones since they can be a little buggy. Additionally, you won’t be able to use wired charging while the headphones are taking up the USB-C port. It’s not the optimal way to listen to audio on the Galaxy A54, but it can be a last resort if need be.

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