Facebook Messenger is finally optimized for iPad

facebook messengeroptimized for ipad messenger app
Facebook wants to put Messenger on every screen imaginable. Messenger is already available for smartphones on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, but it has never had an iPad app – until now. It looks like the social network finally decided it was time to bring Messenger to the big screen.

The iPad app looks almost exactly like the iPhone app, except that it’s formatted to fit the screen. The list of all your conversations with different friends is on the right-hand side in what looks like a menu bar. The rest of the screen shows whichever conversation you’ve selected.

iPad Messenger

The iPad version of Messenger has all the same features as the iPhone app, including stickers, voice call functionality, and easy group chat controls. The only thing it’s really missing is the latest split-screen selfie-taking function and the quick video camera option. These will most likely arrive sooner rather than later.

Facebook will also boot you out of its main iPad app and send you over to Messenger when you want to chat with your friends. So now, even if you didn’t want to download Messenger for iPad, Facebook is telling you that you have no choice. However, once you’ve downloaded the app and sent your message, you can tap on the top bar to return to the main Facebook app, which should make it less of a pain to use the separate app.

It’s clear that Facebook wants Messenger to take off and it’s not above being pushy to make current users of the main app use the chat app, too. What’s less obvious is how many potential new users Facebook is enticing with its Messenger app. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is undeniably more popular and functions more like a SMS app replacement, but Messenger does not. Regardless, you can download the iPad version from the iOS App Store.

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