Samsung introduces the Ultrasonic Galaxy cover for fans with bad eyesight

galaxy core advance accessories revealed samsung ultrasonic cover

We don’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Samsung’s Galaxy Core Advance. It’s a decidedly low-end offering that wasn’t designed to impress the power-hungry user, but rather to have accessibility in mind. With Samsung’s announcement of three new assistive tech accessories, the Advance’s affinity with accessibility continues even further.

For people who either have limited eyesight or who are blind, the Ultrasonic Cover is made to help. Looking admittedly goofy, it lets you know when an obstacle is in your path by either vibrating your phone or through a text-to-speech warning so you can hear.

Optical Scan Stand
Optical Scan Stand

Next up, we have the Optical Scan Stand. You place the Galaxy Core Advance on the top of the stand, which can be used to scan any printed material on the base of the stand. As soon as paper is sensed on the stand, the appropriate application opens automatically.

Finally, we have the Voice Label, which allows you to make notes and tag voice labels. Through NFC, you can record, stop, and access your notes, with a tap of the smartphone on the tag to replay audio.

All these accessories are currently available for purchase, with Samsung planning to expand the accessibility options of other Galaxy devices sometime in the future.