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Google brings powerful features to Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8

Alongside the debut of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event today, Google is highlighting several powerful new features that it’s bringing to Samsung’s latest flagship devices.

Since the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 naturally come with Android 12, they’ll be able to benefit from the latest enhancements and design features in Google’s mobile operating system, but that’s not all. Google is also adding an enhanced Live Sharing feature to Google Duo for Samsung’s latest smartphones and tablets, plus built-in Voice Access and more.

Samsung's Galaxy S22 showing Google's Material You design.

Google Duo on Galaxy S22 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets will let you share content live from all your favorite apps. Whether you’re brainstorming with colleagues in Jamboard or watching videos together on YouTube, you’ll be able to share just about any app you can pull up on your screen in real time.

Google Duo Live Sharing feature on Samsung Galaxy S22.

Messages by Google will also soon let you not only see previews of the YouTube video links that your friends share with you, but even watch videos in-line, without ever leaving the chat. This feature will eventually come to all Android smartphones (except for Android Go edition devices), but Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 are getting it first.

YouTube Preview in Google Messages on Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 devices are also the first to feature Voice Access built-in, saving new owners the trouble of downloading a separate app. This means that people with disabilities who have difficulty controlling their devices with their hands will be able to take advantage of Voice Access from the moment they turn on their new Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Voice Access can be set to be always on, or you can call it up on demand simply by saying, “Hey Google, Voice Access.”

With Google’s new Material You design, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 also bring exciting customization features, letting new owners personalize their devices right out of the box. This goes beyond just changing up your wallpaper — you’ll be able to tailor the look and feel of the entire device to your personal tastes, including notifications, apps, and more.

To help new Galaxy device owners get started with some of these new features, Google is also giving away a four-month trial of YouTube Premium to anyone who buys a Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone or Galaxy Tab S8 tablet. New YouTube subscribers will be able to redeem this offer directly in the YouTube application on their new devices anytime before April 1, 2023.

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