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Google is bringing new Pixel 6 features to older Pixel devices

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro come with a slew of features that include new hardware, new cameras, a Google Tensor chip, and more. Some of these are based on the new Tensor chip and require the SoC to function, while the rest are based on the software. The latter set of software-based features can be ported to previous-gen Pixel devices. And Google is now working on introducing such features to the older Pixel smartphones.

“As with all Pixel features, we aim to bring as many features as possible to older Pixels where technically possible — though it might take some time to develop and offer a different experience,” a Google representative told Android Authority. However, there is no firm date for rollout to older Pixels at this point in time.

Features like Live Translate, Motion Mode, and more require the Tensor processor to function, and we went over some of them in our preliminary hands-on with the Pixel 6 Pro. “Some technologies will require additional technical investments, such as Live Translate, as our on-device language models are engineered to run on Pixel 6’s proprietary Tensor chip on TPU (which older Pixel models don’t have),” said the representative.

For the unaware, features like Action Pan and Long Exposure bring movement to your shots. For example, Action Pan can add a blur effect to pictures you’ve already snapped, especially of moving objects like a child skateboarding or a car passing, adding a filmy background effect. Another Tensor chip-based feature is the Magic Eraser, which suggests stuff that you can remove. The user can also select distractions in the photos themselves by simply rolling a finger over the unwanted object.

As of now, Google hasn’t revealed which features will be coming to the older Pixels. However, we don’t expect the new camera features to be made available on any device other than the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro since only they have the new Tensor processor.

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