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Instagram rolls out five new filters, first in two years

An Instagram update rolled out Tuesday gives users of the app five new filters to play around with. Called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua (that’s right, the names offer no real clue as to how they might beautify your images), these are the first new filters to land on the app in two years.

According to the startup, the new overlays “soften and subtly shift colors,” so don’t expect anything too drastic when you slap one of them on.

The update also changes the way the filters are displayed. The team explains in a blog post: “When you go to apply a filter to your photo, each filter icon on the bottom now displays a blurred preview of your photo with its effect applied. This lets you see at a glance how your photo will appear with each filter applied.”

new instagram filters

With so many now to choose from – 24 in total – Instagram developers have decided to introduce a filter management tool that lets you easily rearrange the order in which they’re displayed. This means you can bunch together the ones you use a lot while pushing those you tend to ignore out of the way.

Tuesday’s update follows a major one rolled out over the summer that introduced a slew of new editing tools, plus improvements to existing ones.

The popular app continues to pick up a ton of users, last week announcing it’d picked up 100 million new users in the last nine months, taking its user base past 300 million.

The latest version of Instagram is available now for both iOS and Android devices.

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