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Kim Dotcom’s Mega cloud service launches an iPhone app

kim dotcoms mega cloud service launches iphone app

If you’re using Kim Dotcom’s Mega cloud storage service (a sort-of-successor to the now defunct Megaupload), you’ll be pleased to hear that the service has launched an official iPhone app for managing your files. The app comes more than four months after the Android equivalent first appeared on Google Play.

Free to download on devices running iOS 6.0 or above, the app has so far earned very positive reviews from users. It enables you to view all the files you have stored on Mega, cache them for offline use, move and rename files, and share them with other users. The developers are promising that automatic photo sync and iPad support are “coming soon.”

You can even subscribe to the premium Mega Pro service from within the app: this is a surprising inclusion, as it means Apple is taking its own cut from the subscription somewhere down the line. As on the website, you can sign up for 500GB of space and 1,000GB of bandwidth per month for $10.99 a month/$119.99 a year. The higher storage options are not available through the app. As on the Web, new users get 50GB of storage space free of charge.

Mega has been around since the start of 2013, promising plenty of free space and tight privacy and encryption controls for users. According to statistics released at the beginning of November, it has amassed more than 5 million users and has seen over 435 million file uploads.

Future plans include Dropbox-style desktop syncing, a secure communications suite of tools and possibly even a cloud-based music streaming service. In the meantime you can get hold of the iPhone app here and the Android app here.

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