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Lyft will soon let you plan a multistop trip directly from the app

It may seem like a straight shot to get from Point A to Point B, but let’s be honest — there’s probably a Point C somewhere in between that you need to stop at as well. And now, you can anticipate that pit stop to get a bagel before making your way to the airport within the Lyft app. That’s right — the ridesharing service will soon let you make multiple stops within a trip. Sure, you’ve always been able to verbally communicate this to your driver once you’re in the car, but now you can cut out the conversation altogether.

“Whether you’re picking up a friend or a bottle of vino,  just add your stop into the app and your route will instantly update — making it a seamless experience for you and your driver,” Lyft notes in a blog post announcing the change. Better yet, “If for any reason you don’t need to make the stop you added, just tap on it and select ‘Remove stop.’”

It’ll likely be a popular feature for Lyft users, allowing for a bit more planning in their spontaneity. And in cities where owning a car just isn’t all that logical, or where hopping on and off a subway can get tiresome (hello, New York), Lyft users will likely relish the opportunity to hit up multiple stops in one go.

When requesting a multistop ride, you’ll enter your first destination, and then you can tap a new “+” icon to add your final destination. Your driver will see all your requested stops, and choose the most efficient route. Sure, it’s super convenient for you, but it also gives Lyft a leg up on the competition, notably Uber, who does not yet offer this feature.

The multi stop feature isn’t available quite yet to riders, but Lyft assures eager customers that it’s “coming soon.”

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