Microsoft still struggling with Windows Phone 7 updates

Samsung OMNIA 7

Microsoft began rolling out its “NoDo” update for Windows Phone 7 over a month ago—and even set up a tracking page so users could keep an eye on when their carriers would be pushing the update to their devices. However, while most Windows Phone 7 users have now received their updates—and Microsoft’s tracking page is blissfully blank—some Windows Phone 7 customers are still waiting. According to comments in Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blog, the company has “temporarily” suspended updates to Samsung Omnia 7 devices due to a “technical issue” with the update package on that particular phone model. In addition, Microsoft confirms some Samsung Focus customers have not received updates, and the company is looking into the situation.

The ongoing update snafus are a lingering bruise on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which the company launched with considerable fanfare back in October of 2010. Although some industry analysts continue to maintain the operating system has a bright future—and the world’s largest handset maker, Nokia, is throwing all its weight behind it—the platform has yet to take off with consumers, and lingering problems getting updates to customers continue to cast a pall on the platform.

The “NoDo” update to Windows Phone is actually the second update Microsoft has released for Windows Phone 7; the first was an update that, itself, was intended to enable smoother updates for the devices. In that case, owners of some Samsung devices found their devices “bricked” by the update, although Microsoft maintained that the update worked just fine for nine out of ten users.

Microsoft indicates that testing for a new update package for the Samsung OMnia 7 is “nearly done” and hopes to resume deliveries soon.

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