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OnePlus draws hundreds at New York City pop-up event

OnePlus unveiled its third flagship smartphone on Tuesday, and fans all over the world could watch co-founder Carl Pei and the rest of his team talk about the OnePlus 3 in virtual reality, or via a 360-degree video if you didn’t have a VR headset.

The VR event transported people to The Loop, OnePlus’ space station, and people could walk around and explore different decks, like the Dash Charge Deck, to inquire about different features the OnePlus 3 has to offer. You could even buy the smartphone in virtual reality.

But physical interaction with the Android-powered smartphone had to wait until OnePlus’ pop-up events on Wednesday — the company held them across seven major cities including New York, Berlin, London, Paris, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Those cities represent the company’s major markets, and locals could play around with the OnePlus 3 and even purchase it if they wished. Pei attended the New York pop up, which took place at Magnum New York in lower Manhattan.

A long line extended past a few blocks with people excited to purchase and take a look at the OnePlus 3. If you bought the phone, the company offered a swag bag with a OnePlus shirt, a bag, a sandstone cover, and other merchandise.

Earlier in the day, CEO Pete Lau mentioned at a Shenzen event that there would be no follow up device to the OnePlus X, the company’s budget offering. Pei wasn’t so definite on the topic, and rather said there would be no follow up to the OnePlus X “for now.” Don’t expect another OnePlus device any time soon, possibly even this year, as the company wants to focus on its one “true flagship” line.

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