PlayOn, the DVR for streaming video, now also available as an Android app

playon cloud android app screen shot 2017 05 24 at 11 56 06 am

It’s been six months since we were first introduced to PlayOn Cloud, a service that allows you to record video from Netflix, HBO Now, and other streaming service providers for viewing offline, and now the service is spreading its wings. After a successful debut on iOS last November, the app is coming to Android, which means that your “DVR for streaming video” can now be accessed regardless of what kind of smartphone you may have. And with 12 popular streaming services to record from, you can rest assured that you’ll never want for content ever again, even if you’re in a Wi-Fi dead zone.

Not only is PlayOn Cloud now available for Android, but it’s also introducing a pretty decent price reduction. Crediting technological advances, PlayOn says that it’s been able to cut the cost of a Cloud recording from 99 cents down to just 40 cents, a drop of 60 percent. You can buy recordings of your favorite movies or programs in packs of 5, 10, and 20 as in-app purchases.

“By offering PlayOn Cloud for both Android and iOS devices and by significantly reducing the cost of recordings, we are affordably offering the ultimate streaming experience — the ability to watch any streaming movie or show anytime, on any device — without worrying about blowing up your data plan or missing a show because it has expired,” said Jeff Lawrence, president and CEO of PlayOn. “This is a game changer for commuters, travelers, users with mobile data caps, and those who don’t want to miss movies and TV shows when they expire from streaming services.”

Recordings you create in PlayOn are kept in your own personal cloud locker within the app for 30 days. From there, you can download recordings directly to your mobile device, PC, or Mac, and enjoy it whenever your heart desires. And thanks to PlayOn’s AdSkip technology, you can watch your recordings without commercials (or at least, skip over them as they come up).

Currently, the PlayOn Cloud Android app lets you record and download all content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Yahoo View, HBO Now, YouTube, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and The CW. The service promises that even more streaming channels will be added in the near future. Future updates will bring more streaming channels to the app.