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Amazon Prime Video now has a Mac app for watching shows natively

If watching Amazon Prime Video in a web browser on your Mac just doesn’t quite do it for you, there’s now a native option. Available in the App Store for MacOS, the native Prime Video app brings with it such newfangled features as picture-in-picture — as in the ability to, Amazon says, “play video content in a resizable floating window that isn’t blocked by other window.” You’ll also be able to search and browse series and movies, purchase and rent content, and watch live sports like Thursday Night Football and the English Premier League.

In other words, it’s almost exactly like watching Prime Video in a web browser, only it’s not in a web browser.

Amazon Prime Video app on Mac.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

You’re also able to sort through your watchlist, download videos for offline viewing, and see what all you’ve purchased.

The MacOS Prime Video app also allows for full control over parental controls, as well as the ability to see what devices are attached to your Amazon account. The free Mac app may well be worth it for that last feature alone, as it’ll save from you having to search your way to that feature in your Amazon account.

The native app also makes it easy to see what videos you’ve hidden from your viewed list, and you have easy access to clear your video search history, which are a couple of nice features for the more privacy-conscious among us.

Amazon’s Prime Video app for Mac also allows for viewing in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and other languages.

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