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Report: Verizon iPhone 4 drops fewer calls, but customer satisfaction even with AT&T

dropped callsChangeWave Research reported this morning that Verizon iPhone 4 units are less likely to drop calls than AT&T’s own devices. The group surveyed over 4,000 consumers to look at the complaint that has plagued AT&T as well as general customer satisfaction (which, if you remember, also hasn’t been one of the carrier’s strengths). Here are some of the highlights of the report – which, if you want in full, will cost you $1,500.

Dropped calls

verizon_vs_att_droppedThe research institute claims to have been collecting data regarding dropped calls not only by AT&T, but all major carriers. Verizon customers can rest easy and continue to flaunt their coverage over AT&T: According to the study, it still has the least amount of dropped calls among its competitors “with their customers reporting on average only 1.4 percent of calls dropped over the past 90 days.” Unfortunately, AT&T doesn’t even come in at a close…or distant…second. Next follows T-Mobile with 2.3 percent and then Sprint, with 2.7.

In dead last (remember, major service providers) comes AT&T, with 4.6 percent of its customers claiming to suffer dropped calls in the last three months. The good news? ChangeWave says this is actually an improvement for the carrier, which at last count was dropping 4.7 percent of its customers calls. But it’s only competing against itself in this department, since Verizon has widened its lead: Despite offering the iPhone, the carrier is now actually dropped less calls than it ever has.

AT&T iPhone 4 vs. Verizon iPhone 4

customer satisfactionThe rivalry between the two largest carriers in the country wasn’t fully fledged until Verizon picked up the iPhone and ended the Apple-AT&T exclusivity. So of course, it’s high time we take yet another look at how these two phone and services are stacking up against each other.

When it comes to coverage, Verizon – so far – has the upper hand. However, there’s a distinct possibility its lack of iPhone customers is to thank for its success in this department. “It remains to be seen how well the Verizon network performs as the number of Verizon iPhone 4 owners ramps up and inevitably puts more pressure on their system.” Remember, AT&T didn’t fall victim to crippling speeds and lack of service until the onslaught of iPhone customers hit it like a ton of bricks. And Verizon didn’t quite experience the initial success it thought it would with the iPhone.

But that all might be about to change: ChangeWave found in its survey that those who plan on picking up an iPhone will be doing so with Verizon – 46 percent, to be exact. Compare that to a measly 27 percent who say they’ll defer to AT&T for their iOS needs.

Despite all this, when it comes to customer satisfaction the two major carriers are neck and neck. IPhone 4 users are both majorly pleased with their iPhone 4, despite carrier. Both report around 80 percent being satisfied with their smartphone, but we wonder if people are simply rating the phone itself and looking past the carrier.

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