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Adobe Premiere Rush CC is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 this year

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is here, boasting a beautiful edge-to-edge display, seriously improved specs, and more. But it’s not just the hardware that’s getting an improvement — the Galaxy S10 is getting some sweet new software too, like Adobe Premiere Rush CC, which allows users to quickly and easily edit the videos they capture at an arguably professional level.

Video editing has long been tough on smartphones. While a number of great photo editing apps and features have made their way to phones, video editing could still use a little work. Premiere Rush CC on the Galaxy S10 could help ensure that video editing can be done on a professional level on the smartphone.

Premiere Rush CC was first unveiled last year to desktop computers and iOS, with Android support tipped to arrive sometime in 2019. The release of Premiere Rush CC to the Galaxy S10 likely represents a wider Android rollout. That said, the software isn’t here yet — it’ll roll out to customers “later this year.”

So what kinds of features will you get from Adobe Premiere Rush CC on the Samsung Galaxy S10? Well, you’ll get pretty much all the features you would get on the iOS version. There are basic features, like the ability to cut footage and edit it together, plus there are more advanced features, like color correction and the ability to add titles to your videos. When you’re all done editing your video, you can share it to social media straight from the app.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC also solves one of the biggest issues with smartphone video editing — editing 4K footage. 4K footage takes a lot of work to process, but with powerful chips like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Adobe Premiere Rush CC allows for 4K HDR10+ video editing straight from your device.

It’s currently unclear exactly how Adobe Premiere Rush CC has been optimized for the Galaxy S10, or if it’s any different than the normal version of Premiere Rush CC that will be available to other Android phones later in the year. It’s also unclear whether Samsung users will get any kind of discount on Premiere Rush CC.

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