Samsung factory catches fire, could affect Galaxy S5 production

samsungs partner factory catches fire affect galaxy s5 production pcb

With Samsung launching the Galaxy S5 in April, the last thing the South Korean company needs is some kind of setback. Unfortunately, a fire at a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer in Anseong, South Korea might be exactly what Samsung didn’t want to happen.

According to Asia News Agency, the fire broke out at 7am local time on Sunday. It took 264 firefighters, 81 vehicles, and 8 hours to contain the fire. Reportedly, the fire caused over $1 billion in equipment and component damage.

The factory itself is a partner of Samsung that makes PCBs for the Galaxy S5, leading to questioning about whether the handset would be delayed. According to Samsung, the factory is not the only one of its kind that was contracted by Samsung, so the fire is not expected to affect availability of the handset.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether this could cause supply problems down the road, with the incident likely to affect the Galaxy S5’s in some markets. The US launch of the Galaxy S5 is slated for April 11, with Samsung recently releasing an intro video, showing the handset off in all its 5.1-inch glory.

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