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Some Samsung Galaxy S IIs will have Tegra 2 processors

NVIDIA Tegra 2Samsung first announced the Galaxy S II last month at Mobile World Congress, but now it’s been confirmed via ITProPortal that the world’s thinnest smartphone will be packing a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Or at least some of them will. When it showed off the phone in Barcelona, it was also demonstrating its new Exynos chip – which apparently won’t be found in all of the new models out there.

Samsung originally said it would be integrating its first ever dual-core processor into the upgraded Galaxy S smartphone, but apparently it needs a little help from Nvidia. According to ITProPortal, Nvidia says that its SoC will be used in “some of its smartphones.”

Most likely, production is the only thing to blame here: Samsung hasn’t quite reached the manufacturing level it needs to push out enough Galaxy S IIs yet, and until it does, Tegra 2 will be filling in. So who’s getting what? It depends on where you are. Phandroid reports that the UK and US will be getting Samsung’s Exynos chip, and the rest is anyone’s guess. Will users notice? The average smartphone consumer probably won’t see a difference in their Galaxy S II’s performance, but even minimally tech-minded folk out there might want to know what’s inside their phone.

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