T-Mobile’s Device Unlock app can only unlock one smartphone (so far)

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US, Inc.

The U.S. Senate and Congress recently passed a law that makes unlocking your smartphone legal again. While this may make some carrier’s nervous, T-Mobile seems to be embracing the idea with a new app called Device Unlock.

Currently, the app only works on one Android smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy Avant. Anyone who has this mid-range device can download the app from the Google Play Store and unlock their smartphone. The app gives you the option to unlock it permanently or just for a short time while you’re abroad.

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It’s unclear why T-Mobile’s app only works on the Galaxy Avant, especially since it’s available in the Google Play Store. So far, users’ attempts to unlock any other device using the app have failed miserably. However, those who do have the Avant have reported success. It’s widely believed that T-Mobile may simply be testing the app out on select devices first before making it available for all of its customers to use; the Google Play description seems to confirm this view.

“Device Unlock is an application that allows you to request and apply a Mobile Device Unlock directly from the device,” the app description reads. “The application is compatible only with Samsung Avant devices at this time.”

Assuming this is just the trial run for the app, T-Mobile will most likely expand the app to work on all of its devices over time. If the great unlocking app experiment works out, T-Mobile will be the first carrier to embrace the new law and its customers’ right to switch carriers at will.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Avant and want to unlock your device, the app is available on the Google Play Store.