How to add a wake-up weather forecast to your iPhone lock screen

We take the weather forecast for granted, but it can make all the difference each morning. Apple’s Weather app for iOS and iPadOS is a great way to see the daily forecast, but sometimes we can forget to look during our morning rush to work.

One way to start your soggy day on a dry note is to get weather updates when you wake up. This guide shows how to add a wake-up weather forecast on your iPhone lock screen each morning. It’s a simple way to get the day’s weather before dragging your groggy, caffeine-deprived self out of bed.

How to add a wake-up weather forecast to your iPhone lock screen

iPhone Good Morning Weather

The weather forecast appears on your “Good Morning” screen — or “Good Evening” screen, depending on your wake-up schedule. It’s based on the Bedtime feature introduced in iOS 12 via the Clock app. With iOS 14, however, Apple replaced Bedtime with the Sleep Mode in the Health app. Here’s how to enable the Good Morning screen in iOS 14:

Step 1: Open the Health app and tap the Browse tab in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap Sleep on the following screen.

Step 3: If the app doesn’t prompt you to create a schedule, tap Full Schedule & Options.

Step 4: Tap the Toggle next to Sleep Schedule to turn it on (green).

Step 5: Tap Set Your First Schedule.

Step 6: Set your Bedtime and Wake Up times, plus the Days you want the schedule active, and then tap Add.

Step 7: Scroll down and tap Options.

Step 8: Tap the Toggle next to Turn On Automatically under Sleep Mode to enable this feature (green).

If the Good Morning screen doesn’t appear

If you created a sleep schedule and the Good Morning screen doesn’t appear, follow these instructions to create a custom Do Not Disturb schedule:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap Do Not Disturb.

Step 2: Tap the Gray toggle next to Scheduled. It turns green, indicating that the feature is now active.

Step 3: A schedule appears. Select a start time (From) and an end time (To) by tapping both numbers. The end time must match your Wake Up time alarm.

Step 4: Make sure Dim Lock Screen is toggled on (green).

Now we need to check the Weather app’s settings:

Step 5: While still on the Do Not Disturb screen, tap Settings in the top-left corner and scroll down to tap Privacy.

Step 6: Tap Location Services.

Step 7: Scroll down and tap Weather to set the app’s permission to While Using the App or While Using the App or Widgets.

That’s it!

After completing these steps, your iPhone’s lock screen will show a brief weather forecast each morning, including the current temperature, the expected high, and the general weather condition. This forecast is shown only once each day after your iPhone’s Wake Up time alarm goes off and you pick up the phone for the first time.

If you’d rather not use Apple’s Weather app or want more detail than it provides, we have a list of the best weather apps for the iPhone. Some of our favorites include The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and a few others.

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