Wireless Spectrum Auction Starts Today

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedFrom all the discussion about it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it had already happened. But actually today is when the FCC begins its auction of the remaining wireless spectrum, and it hassugar plum visions of raising around $10 billion, Reuters reports.   Although the expected big boys – AT&T andVerizon Wireless – will be among the bidders, they won’t have the field to themselves. They’ll be joined by a raft of other companies,including the much-publicized Google entry into the market.   The auction, which could last months, will keep identities secret, but daily amounts bid willbe posted. The spectrum, which could be the last to be auctioned off for years, could be used for wireless computer access and broadband for cell phones.   The spectrum will be in five blocks,some of which will be regional. The bigger blocks, known as C and D, are the ones of biggest interest, since they could be used to create a nationwide network. Google is expected to bid on the Cblock.   "I think there’s no question [that] it’s an unprecedented opportunity in terms of the quality and the characteristics of the spectrum that we’re going to be auctioning," FCCchairman Kevin Martin has been quoted as saying. "It’s going to be critical in facilitating additional innovation."