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Watch Adam Sandler get kicked off a movie set in Netflix's new 'Sandy Wexler' teaser

Adam Sandler will soon deliver the third film in his four-movie deal with Netflix. The streamer has dropped a new teaser trailer for Sandy Wexler, a comedy set in 1990s Los Angeles that stars Sandler as the titular character.

The teaser gives a roughly 30-second look at Wexler, a talent manager and apparently somewhat oblivious guy. He is shown interrupting production on a film set, and then being escorted away by security after he continues to create problems for the cast and crew. Not surprisingly, the character is a little over-the-top, not picking up on the fact that the camera is rolling, even after being explicitly told as much.

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Sandler isn’t the only big name involved in Sandy Wexler. The actor stars opposite Academy Award and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson. She plays a talented singer he signs as a client after discovering her at an amusement park. When he falls in love with her, that complicates his personal and professional life.

Sandler has pulled in high-profile co-stars for each of his Netflix films so far, including Luke Wilson and David Spade. He has also been able to get his castmates to return for more than one film; Sandy Wexler stars Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson, Terry Crews, eachof whom previously appeared in at least one of Sandler’s two previous Netflix comedies, The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over. The movie brings back The Do-Over director Steve Brill. Sandler wrote the script with Paul Sado and Dan Bulla.

With Sandy Wexler, Sandler looks to re-create the big numbers he scored with The Ridiculous 6. Although the film’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes haven’t been anything to brag about — a 0 percent rating from critics and a 30 percent audience score, at the time of this writing — Netflix reported in January 2016 that the flick had more streams in its first 30 days than any other film in the company’s history.

Sandy Wexler hits Netflix on April 14.

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