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Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie movie Maggie gets 2015 release date

arnold schwarzenegger zombie movie maggie gets 2015 release date abigail breslin
Maggie, the upcoming film that unfolds during a zombie plague and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin, will arrive in theaters in early 2015.

The upcoming thriller — which is billed as more of a drama than typical zombie fare — was acquired by Lionsgate this week ahead of the Toronto International Film Festival. The distributor plans to give the film a wide release in theaters next year.

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Written by John Scott 3 and directed by Henry Hobson (who also directed that cool trailer for Insomniac Games’ Resistance 3 back in 2011), Maggie casts Schwarzenegger as a father who brings his daughter (Breslin) home after she’s infected by the zombie virus in order to be with her family. As her body begins the slow and painful change that the virus brings about, her worsening condition tests her relationship with her family and everyone she loves.

Obviously, the effects of the zombie virus in this film differ dramatically from that of other films, with the transition from human to zombie occurring over an extended period. The film is also being framed as a much more dramatic turn for the zombie genre and for Schwarzenegger himself, who plays a father watching his daughter’s life slip away.

Maggie has all the ingredients that spell commercial excitement – a compelling script and an A-list superstar surrounded by a world-class cast,” said Lionsgate Co-Chief Operating Officer and Motion Picture Group President Steve Beeks in a statement accompanying the announcement. “We’re delighted to continue our relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turns in a performance that marks a dramatic departure from his action persona, and partner with our friends at Lotus Entertainment on a film that will resonate with thriller aficionados everywhere.”

As part of the distribution deal with Lionsgate, the film may not end up screening at TIFF, so it could be quite a while before there are any official screenings of Maggie.

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