Centurion Trailer Debuts

centurion trailer debutsFilmed on a shoe string budget, odds are you might not have heard of writer/director Neil Marshall’s (The Descent, Doomsday). The marketing has been light, and because of that, the hype has been almost non-existent, which is a shame because the trailer rocks.

Starring a collection of moderately know, but very talented actors, the movie takes place in 117AD, as the Roman Legions continue their march through the known world. After reaching Britain, the Legions have conquered most of England, pushing back the tribal Picts into Caledonia- modern day Scotland. On a march to wipe out the Picts and their king, the Ninth Legion is ambushed and destroyed, leaving only a handful of survivors to attempt the long trek back to safety.

Written and directed by Marshall, the film stars Michael Fassbender, who is recognizable from his role as the British officer posing as a Nazi in Inglorious Basterds, and who might soon be vaulting towards superstardom thanks to a turn as a young Magneto in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. Dominic West (The Wire, 300), and Quantum of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko.

Check out the trailer below. The movie is due out in limited release on August 27.

Warning: This trailer may not be suitable for all ages.