Doctor Who gets another Season 6 trailer

doctor who gets another season 6 trailerHot on the heels of this week’s news that Doctor Who fans will be treated to a trio of specials in the time leading up to and around the midseason premiere, a new preview of the six remaining episodes has found its way online.

The new teaser comes courtesy of BBC, and offers a bit more footage than we saw in the second-half trailer that debuted at the end of July.

The new preview puts a bit more emphasis on resolving the “Impossible Astronaut” storyline from the season’s first half, and also features another shot of The Doctor in a Stetson. Running his finger down the door of the TARDIS, he tells his time- and space-traveling police box that they’re about to embark on “one last trip”… which is likely to send a chill down even the most jaded Whovians’ spines. (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

There’s also an interesting, blink-and-you-miss-it scene showing a train entering a massive pyramid. As the camera pans around the structure, a large American flag and the words “Area 52” can be seen on one side of the pyramid.

Doctor Who returns for its midseason premiere August 27 on BBC America.