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ESPN+ will charge you more for the service starting this week

As announced last month, Disney will raise the price of ESPN+ on Friday, August 13. At that point, the monthly rate for subscribers will rise from $6 per month to $7 per month. The annual rate is also jumping from $60 per year to $70. The good news is that if you want to keep paying the lower rate, you have two viable options.

Because this price increase won’t go into effect until next Friday, you can still lock in a year of ESPN+ for the $60 annual fee. If you maintain your subscription for a second year, the $70 per year price will then go into effect. Either way, it’s still lower than paying $7 a month.

The other option is to subscribe to the Disney Bundle, which features ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ for $14 per month. Disney made sure to tell fans that the Disney Bundle price wasn’t going up when it announced the ESPN+ price hike. That said, there’s no guarantee that Disney will lock in this price for the next calendar year. The only sure way to keep the lower rate for that period is to go with the previously mentioned $60 plan.

While ESPN+ doesn’t currently offer everything that ESPN has, Disney has been steadily making it a more attractive streaming service. That’s why ESPN+ features exclusive ESPN Insider news articles, which offer unparalleled access behind the scenes of your favorite series.

The award-winning sports documentary series, 30 For 30, is also available on ESPN+. Every episode to date can be streamed at a moment’s notice. ESPN+ is also the exclusive portal for ESPN’s various sports talk and news programming, There are even ESPN+ original series that the network’s sports coverage even further.,

ESPN+ is also rapidly expanding its lineup of live streaming sporting events. ESPN and ESPN+ are the exclusive homes for the NFL’s Monday Night Football franchise for the next 11 years. You’ll never have to miss a Monday night game again. Hockey fans will also be given the chance to catch 75 exclusive NHL games per season that you can’t watch anywhere else. ESPN and ESPN+ have also locked in plans to cover the famed tennis tournament, Wimbledon, for the next 12 years. Finally, ESPN+ has a deal in place with UFC to offer PPV events directly to subscribers for an additional fee.

Disney and ESPN have cast a wide net to attract subscribers for ESPN+, with more coverage deals likely in the works. If this is the sports programming that you want to keep, then don’t miss your chance to lock in these lower rates while you still can.

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