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Check out the intense new teaser for House of Cards season 4

It’s clear from the newly-released Netflix trailer for the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards that (spoiler alert) Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) announcing she’s leaving Frank (Kevin Spacey) has begun to unravel the troubled President. And judging from the intense trailer, the two will be pitted against one another as they struggle for power. Or maybe they’ll reunite to take on their enemies together again? It’s hard to tell.

A lot is squeezed into the slightly overwhelming 60-second clip, with quick flashes of violence, sex, politics, and potentially even what looks like some more murder. Can Frank retain his presidency, and do it alone? To what steps will he go to save his reputation, maybe even marriage? And what exactly is Claire after following her sudden epiphany from last season?

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), meanwhile, is likely still struggling with his own demons. Will he remain loyal to Frank? There’s so much going on in this one-minute clip that, if you blink, you might miss it. It’s definitely one fans of the show will be playing over and over again.

Viewers are clearly entranced with this Netflix original series, which has already been renewed for a fifth season before season four even begins. But season four will mark the last for current showrunner Beau Willimon, who will be moving on from his post. Meanwhile, Neve Campbell (Scream, Party of Five) has signed on as a new series regular for season 4, though Netflix has been tight-lipped about what role she might play. Rumor has it, however, that she could be one half of a new power couple that’s aiming to take Frank down (get in line, apparently.) Will she survive for season five? We’ve already seen what Frank is capable of if someone gets in his way. For such a soft-spoken southern man, he’s pretty terrifying.

Season four of House of Cards premieres in just a few weeks, on March 4, 2016. Move over Donald Trump, there’s a far more ruthless and controversial presidential candidate in town.

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