Michael Keaton brings back his superhero voice for new Birdman trailer

international trailer birdman

Back in June, Fox Searchlight Pictures debuted the first trailer for Birdman, a dark comedy in which Michael Keaton plays a washed-up actor who became famous playing a superhero (not too much of a stretch, minus the whole “washed-up” part) but finds himself struggling to launch a Broadway play that may help him reclaim some of that lost celebrity he enjoyed. While that first trailer was light on details but went a long way toward establishing the surreal tone of director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film, a new international trailer offers a bit more insight regarding the plot of Birdman.

It’s easy to be intrigued by a trailer that begins with an image of Keaton in his underwear, floating in mid-air while his inner monologue takes the form of his gruff, all-too-familiar “Batman voice.” If that’s not enough to hook you, though, the trailer does provide a nice array of convincing elements — from the presence of an all-star cast that includes Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone, to some fun CGI elements that would be at home in any summer sci-fi or superhero blockbuster these days.

Oh, and if the sight of grown-up actors running around in their tightey-whiteys is all the hilarious hook you need, this trailer and its predecessor make it seem as if there’s plenty of that to be found in Birdman, with both Keaton and Norton performing in their skivvies in several scenes.

Sure, all the hype right now is focusing on Guardians of the Galaxy, but for anyone who grew up on Keaton’s Batman movies or who might want a palate-cleanser amid all of the big superhero movies hitting theaters these days, Birdman is looking like just the sort of film to track down.

Birdman hits theaters October 17.