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Get ready for Bloodline season 2: The Netflix series returns this May

netflix bloodline season 2 premiere
An end is in sight for Bloodline fans waiting to see what will happen next with the very complicated Rayburn family. Netflix has unveiled the premiere date for Bloodline season 2, and the wait will be over on May 27.

The series will pick up where it left off, following the Rayburns, a prominent family living in the Florida Keys, where they own and operate a hotel. Although they seem like model citizens from the outside, they’ve worked hard to conceal a dark past. And that won’t change moving forward, especially not after the events of season 1, which gave them even more to hide than ever before.

The finale showed yet another person doing another hugely bad thing: (spoiler alert!) John Rayburn (played by Kyle Chandler) drowned his older brother, Danny (Ben Mendelsohn). Presumably, covering up the crime won’t be easy, and John’s going to have to cope with all kinds of fallout from his actions, whether the consequences be emotional, legal, or both. According to Collider, Danny will appear in the series still, so we could see him in flashbacks or as a ghost.

Danny’s murder wasn’t the only curveball in the finale. A boy who claimed to be his son showed up as well, and apparently, he won’t be the only stranger from the late Rayburn’s past that we’ll be seeing in season 2, either. There will be a lot of pressure on the family, and that seems bound to cause some cracks.

The Bloodline Twitter account revealed the premiere date in a post that highlighted that there’s a lot that viewers still don’t know. No surprises there.

In addition to Chandler and Mendelsohn, Bloodline also stars Linda Cardellini, Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek, Norbert Leo Butz, Jamie McShane, Jacinda Barrett, and Enrique Murciano. The Netflix series comes from KZK Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

Bloodline season 2 hits Netflix on May 27.

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