‘Brotrons’ show you don’t need to be a kid to be a Voltron superfan

You never outgrow cartoons — just ask any “Brotron.” This group of adult Voltron superfans is the subject of a short Netflix video that was released Tuesday, just days after the premiere of the streamer’s new series Voltron: Legendary Defender.

The video highlights the fact that Brotrons are “a passionate community of superfans who’ve brought the intergalactic hero into their everyday lives in surprising ways.” Through it, we meet three of them: Christian, a fan since 1988, Linda, a fan since 1993, and her partner. Each shares their love for the franchise, including how it has impacted them personally. Their commentary is all very tongue-in-cheek, which adds to the video’s charm.

“What’s always drawn me to the series were the similarities between my life and Voltron’s,” says Christian, who then jokes about how the concepts are “finance in a nutshell.” He apparently uses the show to make tough decisions, frequently asking himself, “What would the Legendary Defender do?”

Meanwhile, Linda met her partner at WonderCon when they both attended. Now, they’re thinking about having children, and they plan to use the name Voltron — or so they quip in the video. They like the show so much, they say the name will be used for more than one of their hypothetical five children.

The trio certainly are not the only adult cartoon fans out there. Netflix recently conducted a survey that found that nearly one-third (31 percent) of adult men watch cartoons geared toward kids at least once a week. Furthermore, 58 percent of adult men have watched kids cartoons without any children present to watch with them.

With so many adult animated series viewers out there, Netflix should find an eager audience for Voltron: Legendary Defender. The first season of the show is now streaming.