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Netflix releases first F Is for Family trailer, Bill Burr shares premiere date

F is for Family - Teaser - Netflix [HD]
F is for “Finally!” The premiere date for Netflix’s upcoming cartoon, F Is for Family, was announced today on Twitter by series co-creator Bill Burr. The stand-up comedian also shared the show’s first teaser in preparation for its launch.

Your grandmother’s family cartoon, this clearly isn’t. The short preview opens with an animated montage of the dog humping the patriarch’s leg, a boy being kicked square in the junk, the oldest son flashing his middle fingers around indiscriminately, the mom putting a bowl over her head while she cries, and a puking incident at the dining table. There should be more where that came from, because as Netflix says, this is “a time when you could smack your kid, smoke inside and bring your gun to the airport.” Ah, the ’70s.

With The Simpsons‘ Michael Price on board, the cartoon’s dysfunctional family humor should be top-notch. The series also boasts a talented cast of voice actors who will bring it to life. Burr and Laura Dern will voice the heads of the family, parents Frank and Sue Murphy. Their oldest son, Kevin, will be voiced by Justin Long.

Burr warned fans on Twitter to “look out!” when he shared the teaser and release date, and he was right to issue an advisory. It’s not one for the kiddies, sure, but it’s definitely one that will peak the interest of Family Guy and Simpsons lovers.

In addition to Burr, actor Vince Vaugn is set to executive produce, along with Wild West Television’s Michael Lagnese and Victoria Vaughn. The series will premiere with six episodes to start on Netflix on December 18.

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