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Like Sweet Tooth season 3? Then watch these great Netflix shows right now

Five people stand in a field in Sweet Tooth season 3.

After three seasons, Netflix’s Sweet Tooth has come to its end. The series, adapted from Jeff Lemire’s much-acclaimed Vertigo comic book series, became a solid performer for Netflix following its first season, and has amassed a devoted, if small, following. The series tells the story of its titular character, a hybrid creature who is living in a postapocalyptic reality where much of the world has been devastated by a pandemic.

If you’ve finished Sweet Tooth and are looking for other dystopian series like it on Netflix, then you’re in luck. We’ve pulled out three shows from the streaming service that will hopefully give you the same feeling you got while watching Sweet Tooth, even if they are set in slightly different dystopian futures.

3% (2016-2020)

3% | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

This Brazilian series is set in a future dystopia where most of the world’s population lives in poverty. There are a select few, though, who are able to live in luxury, and more join that group every year through an exam from which the top 3% are selected.

Over the course of four seasons, 3% examines what this kind of drastic inequality would create, and also the ways in which even systems that seem meritocratic are often hiding something much less straightforward. It may not be in English, but 3% is one of the best dystopian series on Netflix, and a brilliant examination of the ways in which everything flows from wealth inequality.

You can watch 3% on Netflix.

The 100 (2014-2020)

The 100 - Official Trailer

The 100 is set in a postapocalyptic future in which 100 teenage delinquents are sent back to a post-nuclear Earth generations after it has been destroyed by nuclear war. What starts out as a relatively straightforward story about a teenage postapocalypse becomes more and more interesting as it works its way through its story.

The 100 has the ideal combination of smart, serious ideas and lighter, teen-centric stories. It also ran for a remarkable six seasons, which feels rarer and rarer in an era when most shows are canceled before they can even get off the ground.

You can watch The 100 on Netflix.

Stranger Things (2016-present)

Stranger Things Rewatch | Clip: Eleven Saves Mike | Netflix

Admittedly a fairly obvious entry, but if you like Sweet Tooth and haven’t made time for Stranger Things yet, you should definitely do so. The series, which follows suburban Indiana children as they battle a variety of nefarious forces, has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time for a reason.

The first season is genuinely special, and while it’s had its stumbles in the years since, Stranger Things remains an almost perfect dose of ’80s nostalgia that also has some intrigue of its own. The young cast can be hit or miss, but Millie Bobby Brown (Damsel) is a genuine star, and she has the most significant role of anyone in the cast.

You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

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