Nico Vega, Live at the Doug Fir

Fame is a fickle and fleeting thing. In music, to become famous you need a combination of talent, luck and the right timing, and even then it is a long shot. You might think that the right timing involves luck, but don’t tell that to bands like Nico Vega who have been touring for two solid years, and who still have the energy and drive to take a full Doug Fir crowd and get them pushing up front for a closer look.

But for bands to really hit it and break out, they need something more- that certain je ne sais quoi to make them memorable. Bands need to send the fans away talking about the show, bragging to their friends what they just saw, proudly wearing a t-shirt of the band.  The show must become an event, and the crowd must leave feeling like they saw something special. It isn’t an easy thing to achieve, but it is a knack that Nico Vega just might have.

When Nico Vega took the stage at Doug Fir as an opening act for Sweethead, there were fans who were familiar with the band because of the lead singer, Aja Volkman’s time in nearby Eugene, Oregon, plus the smattering of fans who had heard the band before. By the time the show ended it didn’t matter if you knew the lead singer or not, everyone there had become a fan.

Energetic is the best word to describe the show. Obviously the music was also amazing- if it hadn’t been there wouldn’t have been anything worth reporting- but the energy levels coming out of Nico Vega were enough to push the show from being ordinary to extraordinary. The venue also worked in the band’s favor. While there is a very good chance that Nico Vega will someday soon be playing in larger venues- which will be good for them as a band, and for their fans to see them get the appreciation they deserve- the smaller, more intimate setting of Doug Fir made the show into something memorable. They have that certain je ne sais quoi.

Assuming that Nic Vega’s lucky break is on the way, if you get the chance to see them in a smaller venue, do not hesitate. Odds are you won’t have the option for much longer.

You can also check out the acoustic set they played for us here at the Digital Trends offices as part of our DT3 Acoustic Sessions.

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