Snapchat to showcase Sofia Vergara and all her assets this summer

snapchat sofia vergara headshot
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A new short-form series based entirely on the voluptuous Sofia Vergara, aptly named Vergaraland, is set to debut this summer on Snapchat, reports Variety, with Vergara’s son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, at the helm.

The show, co-produced by Fusion and Vergara’s talent management and entertainment marketing firm Latin World Entertainment, will include six episodes that take a tongue-in-cheek look at the Colombian-born actress’ career, through the eyes of her 23-year-old Manolo.

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It’s a clear attempt to target the millennial generation, of which Manolo is a part, though they likely don’t need Snapchat to know who Vergara is. Aside from playing the lovable step-matriarch Gloria on popular ABC series Modern Family, she’s appeared in a number of movies that appeal to that generation, including The Three Stooges, Machete Kills, and Chef.

For Manolo’s part, this won’t be his first attempt in the online video field. A graduate of The New School, Manolo had a YouTube mockumentary series in 2012 called Vida con Toty (My Life With Toty), in which Vergara also appeared (“Toty” is Vergara’s childhood nickname). The series lasted about two years.

Vergaraland will appear on Snapchat’s Discover service, which makes video content available for an extended 24 hour period versus Snapchat’s typical 10-seconds-or-less-and-then-it’s-gone-model. After every 24-hour period, a new video appears.

This won’t be the first such series on Snapchat Discover: there’s also Outpost, which looks at “hidden worlds” in Latin America and the Caribbean; Weird Threads, which looks at fashion subcultures; and Off the Record, which examines the origins of pop music beats, among others. Naturally, all content is geared toward the younger generation, as is Snapchat itself.

For her part, last year, Forbes deemed Vergara the highest-paid actress on TV, making a reported $37 million, including her $325,000 paycheck per episode of Modern Family, but mainly from endorsements and licensing deals for brands ranging from Diet Pepsi to Head & Shoulders. That’s mucho dinero for a killer bod and cute, heavy (though some argue she intentionally lays it on thicker than it needs to be) Spanish accent. Clearly, however, Vergara is a stellar businesswoman behind that hourglass figure and beautiful face. And she’s taught her son well as he’ll be leveraging that to become a notable face of his generation as well.